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Crime Suspense Action
Great Reads in Adult, YA & MG

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Need a pulse-pounding read? Look no further than a crime thriller novel. #countdowntoexcitement

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Young Reader Action | Suspense with a touch of crime

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About the Author


Writing update:

The third draft for The Nike Birds has been completed. Further editing via my writers group and online editing functions is next. I should have a completed manuscript by Oct. 2022 then my Beta readers get a shot at it.

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Short stories and travel stories can be read at

Edward Yatscoff was born in Welland, Ontario. After living in Australia and backpacking around the world on the Hippie Trail, he met his wife Gloria on a freighter in the South China Sea. From paperboy to sales to steel worker to construction his occupations included 32 years with Edmonton Fire Rescue. He retired as a station captain and is the first author to write Canadian firefighter crime novels
Among other adventures he swam with a marlin in Honduras, climbed the Great Wall of China, tried to smuggle a Playboy magazine into the USSR, threw eggs at an Aussie PM, and survived the 1979 revolution in Grenada during his honeymoon. He continues to travel, write, and enjoy the outdoors. Some travel stories and short stories have won awards
For his published short stories visit Vocal
Contact him for occasional discounts on paperbacks. TGRbooks AT shaw DOT ca

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COMING SOON: The Nike Birds 

    A thriller  in the jungles of Colombia

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E-mail - TGRbooks AT shaw DOT ca 

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