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Crime novels and thrillers like none other because a firefighter wrote them.

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Need a pulse-pounding read? Look no further than a crime thriller novel. #countdowntoexcitement


Somewhat of a sequel to FIRE DREAM but stands on its own. Who needs yet another police/lawyer/private eye story?

"Suspense on Fire"   "Great read"

"A page turner from the get go. Yatscoff maintains a level of suspense that is both intense and realistic. The characters in this story are colourful and one can't help but sympathize Gerry's situations and the challenges that confront his humanistic intentions. It's a truly gripping read!" - Amazon reviewer


​Ex-fire rescue Captain Gerry Ormond from FIRE DREAM takes a fire chief position in Niagara Falls. thinking he’ll cruise through his contract.

The Russian Mafya, embezzlement, fire investigation, arson, extortion, and murder are all rolled into one with an embattled fire chief at its heart.

Can he win a war by losing every battle? Nothing has prepared him for this.


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FIRE DREAM | original

The first firefighter crime book written in Canada by a firefighter -- the real deal.

A fresh angle in the crime/mystery genre. Not another police, lawyer, or PI story.


“Gripping suspense. The tale has lots of twists and a reveal, that I didn’t see coming. This novel offers a fresh perspective into firefighting, arson and revenge.” - Caffeinated Reviewer

​Obsession, a deadly secret, hot romance, murder, revenge, and arson. Twenty years ago, Gerry Ormond, along with his two teenage fraternity buddies committed a horrendous crime, unsolved and paved over by layers of time.  It’s why Gerry fled his hometown.  It was a tragedy for all, a secret to some, buried and forgotten—almost—until now upon a visit to his ailing father.  Now as a decorated fire captain & national hero the secret unravels. Old friends are now enemies as the cold case begins to thaw.


“I like the idea of a mystery told from a firefighter’s perspective. Plus, the way you describe the fire is gripping. Your writing is very well done… I like this book." – Northern Lights Literary


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A TGR book

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Written by an Arthur Ellis Crime Writers of Canada Finalist


“Suspenseful” “Intriguing” “Great read” "Hard to put down.” “Frightening!” “Excellent!”


"A rollicking tale of crime & action!" – Christine Hoag author of ‘The Blood Room’ & ‘Law of the Jungle’


The brutal Polar Vortex has grown stronger with every winter, ravaging a major Canadian city that is evacuated until springtime. Fire Captain Jack Sellars and his firefighters are contracted by Vulcan Securities with one mandate: do NOT let the city burn down. With no power or gas, and every citizen gone, what could possibly happen? But the criminal gangs didn’t get the memo and begin looting the city. Captain Jack’s crew are witnesses to murder when drive-bys on the fire station begin. Their sanctuary is the fire station but the weight of the snow begins to bear on the roof. Making it alive to springtime is going to take a miracle.


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A TGR Book

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Services Rendered - HONORABLE MENTION - 2023 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards

(Author Shout honorable mention 2023)

4.0 out of 5 stars      “A rollicking tale of crime & action!” – Christine Hoag author of ‘The Blood Room’


Got a bully in your neighborhood? A troublesome squatter you can’t evict? When the courts or police can’t, or won’t help, well…good luck. Or you can hire Ritchie and Arlan, ex-cop and ex-con. Their trade is home renovations, but their side job is just what you’re looking for. They're the good kinda bad; angels to some, devils to others. But when they stumble on the real bad -- a dangerous city gang--there's no one to call when they run out of options. It will be a one shot attempt and failure is not an option.


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A TGR Book


Exotic crime under Mexican palms.


"A punch of an adventure novel!" – Christina Hoag, author of

                                                                      Skin of Tattoos


“Aaron Landers is in paradise - problem is, it’s going to get him killed.  Ever wondered what it would be like to have the Mexican mafia, police, and drug smugglers looking for you – and wanting you dead?– Jeff Buick, bestselling author.


“Entertaining, heart-pounding, and realistic!” -Laurie Stevens bestselling author


Intrigue, obsession, hot romance, international crime, and murder set along the beautiful Mayan Riviera. Fate plays its hand to bind ex-firefighter Aaron Landers and Mexican state police Commandant Luis Gutierrez, when he saves the lives of Luis' sons in Cancun. Aaron falls hard for the alluring Maria Vasquez who comes with a vengeful, estranged husband and a sordid past with Luis. Opportunity arrives in easy money scams for Aaron and the Commandant, but the small crimes escalate and explode into murder and revenge.


“…a very intriguing set of situations that will lead you to a page turning climax of revenge and one man's quest for love. Danger, deception, and a beautiful Mexican beauty named Maria really keep the pages flipping." - Amazon book review


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Teeth of the Cocodrilo - RECOMMENDED READ - 2024 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards INSTAGRA
Nike Bird Cover refined direction 2.pdf.png

The NIKE Birds | A Thriller

Murder, abduction. and heartbreak in the jungles of Colombia.

Coming in summer 2024

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