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The book cover is taken from a mural at Wolfhead Distillery in Windsor, Ontario. Windsor was the heart of rumrunning over to Detroit. The book is also available in their gift shop


14 years +  CRIME WRITERS OF CANADA 2019 FINALIST SELECTION.  A  Historical crime fiction and a coming of age tale.

"The character development was well done. It made me want to keep reading until I learned what everyone’s fate was!" - Long and Short Reviews


“A wild ride with Lake Erie’s outlaw rumrunners. Guns, gangsters, smuggling and a reluctant teen who gets thrown into the maelstrom.” -Bookkus Publishing


1928 was nearing the end of the Roaring 20's. A big part of the roar was the battle raging against illegal liquor. American Prohibition Law and Canadian opportunity clashed as Canadians eagerly supplied booze to thirsty Americans. Smuggling, criminals, gangs, and a reluctant teen who must step into his father’s shoes among rough men and criminals. Jarrod Hooker, 17, gets caught up in the rough world of U.S. Prohibition, but is his promise to his father worth his life?


“A top-notch tale for teens and, even though I haven’t been in that demographic for decades, I enjoyed it, too.” - BWL bestselling author


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Inspiration for the story came from the author's  grandfather, George Yatzkoff, a rumrunner in the area back in the1920's

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