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YOUNG READER SECTION    with a touch of crime    MG | TWEEN | YA


THE RUMRUNNER'S BOY | historical fiction 14 yrs. +

A CRIME WRITERS OF CANADA  Finalist selection 2019

Historical crime fiction and a coming of age tale.


"The character development was well done. It made me want to keep reading until I learned what everyone’s fate was!" - Long and Short Reviews


“A wild ride with Lake Erie’s outlaw rumrunners. Guns, gangsters, smuggling and a reluctant teen who gets thrown into the maelstrom.” -Bookkus Publishing


1928 was nearing the end of the Roaring 20's. A big part of the roar was the battle raging against illegal liquor. American Prohibition Law and Canadian opportunity clashed as Canadians eagerly supplied booze to thirsty Americans. Smuggling, criminals, gangs, and a teen who must step into his father’s shoes among rough men and criminals. Jarrod Hooker, 17, gets caught up in the rough world of U.S. Prohibition, but is his promise to his father worth his life?


“A top-notch tale for teens and, even though I haven’t been in that demographic for decades, I enjoyed it, too.” -BWL author


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A TGR Book

THE FAR BANK | MG & Tween Readers

Out with the fantasy/dystopia/magic and in with the real world.


“…a traditional, high-octane adventure/thriller is always a good genre for the young reader audience.”  -  Will Entertainment


“A wonderful sense of place, an interesting glimpse into adolescence in the seventies, a good story of a boy coping with the challenges of being a boy.  This is a real page turner. Very very good!”  -  Alberta Writing For Youth Competition

Ricky the paperboy is relentlessly bullied along his route due to rumors stemming from a tragic boating accident in the Welland Canal where a popular teenager is killed by a Great Lakes freighter. He is forced into a dangerous contest of 'manhood' to end the hostilities with three bullies. What appears to be a mere swimming race to the far bank is complicated by the police, two rival gangs, a municipal swim ban, a newspaper reporter, and Leo, his competitor who is not to be trusted. Whatever happens in the water will change Ricky’s life.


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A TGR book


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VOODOO BULLY | YA & Tween readers

Unpredictable, humorous, and surprising--a crazy romp in a small town full of secrets, crimes, and one courageous boy. A story like you've never read before.




If your pet was poisoned, how far would you go to get payback? Diminutive high school student Evens Duluce knows the adult who poisoned Scraps, his dog, but can do little about it. When he stumbles upon the dark secret of the big high school bully and ‘prominent’ residents of his town, a bizarre, complex plan forms using fake voodoo. It’s psychological warfare, risky, and painful. He’s either a diabolical schemer or crazy--you decide.


“I really enjoyed this. It is very well written , with many delightful turns of phrase. A marvellous voice, a charming character, and an entertaining , quirky tale.” - Bookkus Publishing.


“Fast paced, quick thinking and gutsy characters with raw events that are unpredictable and surprising! Sets the stage for the important theme of determination, creative thinking and the patience of going after what you want! A sharp and witty read for anyone who wants to be pushed a little out of their comfort zone!” - 4.0 out of 5 stars Lansdowne School E. M, teacher.

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A TGR Book

RANSOM | MG readers

"A real page-turner, I couldn't put it down." - Alberta Writing for Youth Competition


Three friends face off against a rival gang in a suspenseful story of integrity, bravery, and friendship in a territorial battle.  Out manned, outsized, and outsmarted, they attempt to turn the tables. It totally backfires. They are shocked when Big Bill, their strongest and bravest, is captured and held for ransom by the imposing Fat Harold and his gang. 

How far will they go to rescue a friend?  

 RANSOM is about getting back to basics for young readers. No magic or superpowers, simply regular boys who are thrown into situations they don't want to be in and feel trapped. But they have hearts of lions and struggle to overcome and find their place in the world.

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A TGR Book

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ARCHIE'S GOLD |  MG readers

Young Archie Crane shines shoes on the mean streets of a tough blue-collar town amidst ex-cons, drunks, and dirty cops. He hates his transplanted town, his new school, and most of all the frightening Boogy—a big Neanderthal misfit who wants his shoeshine spot. When someone drops a stolen gold coin, a British Sovereign, in his money can Archie is thrown into a world of trouble where everyone catches gold fever. Turning the gold into cash for bus ticket money to see his estranged father is going to be an ordeal he never imagined.


“A spellbinding juvenile mystery novel that is sheer magic." - Michele Rooney Literary Agency

“…I was charmed by Archie.” – The Rights Factory


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A TGR book



Out on a Limb 255kb.jpg

OUT ON A LIMB | MG readers

Fast-paced suspense.

Two adventurous boys dare to build a tree house under the nose of their nasty, creepy, landlord, Egghead. It’s a cat and mouse game that will test their cunning and courage. Getting caught is not an option. No magic wands or mystical bag of tricks for these boys.


“The plot, characters, and interaction, between the boys and the adults are all things editors look for.” -Heacock Literary Agency


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THE my shoes | MG & Tween readers

If you found an experimental substance that was completely unknown and would absolutely guarantee instant success and a very bright future, would you use it? If no one has even ever heard of it, would it be cheating, illegal?


Two high school students Eldon and Tom dug it out at midnight from a scientist's dumpster. Their agendas clash when Eldon wants to use it to win high school track meet while Tom wants nothing more than to even the score with a high school bully.

Possessing this fantastic substance is one thing, but if word gets out they're using it in a zone qualifying meet... 


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A TGR Book

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