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You’ve come to the right place. Firefighter crime, young adult, and middle grade books are my forte. Look no further for fast moving, adventure/suspense books for young readers and exciting tales for adults.  There’s plenty of firefighter non-fiction written by Canadian firefighters, but I am the first with a Canadian firefighter as a pulp fiction hero.  The real deal.  You’ll discover reading my books, with a firefighter, a refreshing change from American lawyer, PI, and cop stories.

In October 2017 I was presented with the John Bilsland Literary Award for a short story  Lunch Bucket Road.  You can read it on this site under the QUICK READS heading.

John Bilsland Literary Award Oct. 2017


“You have a real talent with language. Every scene you describe is vivid, and the dialogue is alive and authentic.”  –TransAtlantic Literary Agency

“Your work is certainly of merit…” – Robert Astle and Associates




If you think the following firefighter book covers are pretty hot, wait till you read what is inside: explosions, steamy romance, arson, murder & mayhem, thieves, Russian Mafiya, fire investigation, cabin fever on a deadly scale, corruption, obsession, and one polar vortex.  No car chases because you had enough of them as well as cop stories, right?  Mainly, they are about the human condition.  I like taking a stalwart, courageous, and handsome fire officer, and throwing him in situations he’s never dealt with.  Fire rescue officers are masters of chaos control and in my books out of their element because of all the crime.  As Monty Python says, “And now for something completely different.”  I had a 32 year career as firefighter and fire rescue captain with the City of Edmonton.

Final Response is available in eBook format and paperback via Amazon. Amazon and Goodreads reviewers give it a solid 4 stars.   Bookkus Publishing has all three firefighter novels.

Check them all out on the ‘firefighter books’ tab on this site.  Final Response  was initially on the Bookkus publishing site where it garnered 4-5 star reviews and the community readership decision was made to publish.  Old Flames was initially an eBook until Bookkus Publishing grabbed it and has released it.

Gerry’s WaFR ebook coverr has some of the same characters in Old Flames but much more mayhem.

Gerry`s War Cover RevA




 Teeth of the Cocodrilo is now available as an eBook and paperback.  Not a firefighter novel but the protagonist, Aaron Landers is an ex-firefighter.  It’s set in Cancun. the beautiful Mayan Riviera area and has international elements and plenty of crime.


Blob #5

Top rated young reader adventure fiction            In my juvenile/middle grade adventure fiction are boys who don’t appear tough or particularly brave or heroic.  They don’t have magic wands or special powers.  There’s no wise, talking creatures to help them succeed or escape.  They don’t live on a parallel Earth or alien planet.  It’s all about reality. When called upon to show courage my boys are lions.  Brains and true grit pull them through bad and dangerous situations.  Bullies, scheming, and fights are the reality in the stories. Integrity, friendship, bravery, and courage are the true grit of my main characters.  These stories took a test ride by a total of 200 Grade 5 students in Edmonton and Toronto schools.    You can read the first chapters here on the young reader page.  My highly critical writers group approve.  So did my even worse critic my wife.  I really enjoy writing in this  genre.  All are available in eBook and paperback at Amazon.  If you have read my books please post a review at Amazon or Goodreads.

The plot, characters, and interactions between the children and adults are all things editors look for.” – – Heacock Literary  Agency

  “A  wonderful sense of place, an interesting glimpse into adolescence in the seventies, a good story of a boy coping with the challenges of being a boy.  This is a real page Cover Ebook LQturner.  …laced with descriptive touches that are not only apt and vivid but a pleasure to read.  Very very good!”  – Anon. judge, Writing For Alberta Youth Competition  (runner up, no tiara)


VB #7 large

My eBooks have a wider distribution @  Smashwords and Amazon Kindle as well as Apple iBooks, Nook (Barnes & Noble), Google eBooks, and Kobo (Chapters Indigo).  You can also read samples and reviews there.

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Do not fear the eBook.   You should switch to eBooks.  Why?  well, eBooks are completely recyclable.  If you don’t have, or want, a Nook or Kindle eBook reader, a Kindle app can be downloaded onto your PC or laptop enabling you to read my books–and a zillion others, many of them free–from a laptop or PC.  You can even download an eBook in a third world Cambodian village.  Done it. Can’t beat eBooks for travel. Smashwords is a great site for eBook formats because there you can download in easy to read PDF and other formats for any computer/eReader.  Do it.

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Check out my short stories under the Quick Reads tab.  True Grit is a favorite short story of mine about my first job, delivering papers during a snowstorm.  It damn near killed me.  So far over 1,000 downloads.  Mikaela, a grade 6 student gave it a review on Apple iBooks.  My cool book covers are photos taken by me and tweaked by my son Joel, an industrial designer in Toronto and Bookkus Publishing.  If you’ve got an invention or a product that requires improvement, Joel’s your man.  He’s the head designer for Team Canada’s X Prize and $10 million prize.

Online interview:Interview with author of  “Old Flames” and many other phenomenal novels   That’s right, she said the P-word