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Tag: first drafts First Drafts and Lazy Writers – a Rant.

First drafts and lazy writers go hand in hand.  If you want to be a writer do the basic work!  I’ve read the first ten manuscripts sent to me by Bookkus publishing.  William is too busy to vet them so I’ve agreed to help him out, read them, and pass my comments onto him.  I suppose I’m a gatekeeper of

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Tag: first drafts 10 Rules on Self-Editing – Basic First Draft Editing – Final 5

Of course there are more than 10 rules to self-editing however my list has easy first steps.  Anyone can do basic first 1st draft editing.  These are the last 5 of my 10.  Please, please, please do not submit your first drafts anywhere or show them to anyone.  It’s like showing a crude chunk of marble to someone and saying

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Tag: first drafts Writing eBooks for Children

Okay so you’re ready to write for the juvenile/middle grade market with a head full of ideas.  How you go about this is essentially up to you.  There are rules and rules are broken every few years.  Presently, the genre is saturated with fantasy and horror.  Thank heavens for Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series.  I have written 5 juvies

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