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Tag: firefighter books Firefighter paperbacks are unavailable until April

They’re available on Kindle now and will be on the rest of eBook sites very soon.  My publisher Bookkus had called it quits and returned all my rights so I have to resubmit my 3 books onto Amazon for printing.  However TEETH OF THE COCODRILO is available in all formats.  My next step is to wait and see what Langton’s

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Tag: firefighter books Yahoo! for Final Response

Final Response, my 3rd firefighter novel, has been at Bookkus.com for a while now and has managed to get 14 reviews.  It’s closed now for discussion to see what it needs and/or goes to publishing.   It’s garnered a solid 4 star rating.  I’ll know in a few weeks whether or not it makes the cut.  It should.

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