Quick Reads (short fiction and travel stories)

Got a few minutes for some short fiction and travel stories?   Some of these are real stories which makes them all the more interesting. Truth is stranger than fiction.  Some are published and some were rejections.  There are a few YA and juvenile quick reads.  Enjoy.

Scarecrow  published by Thistledown Press anthology Takes 1997 YA Canadian Library Book of the Year Award

Destiny Cafe published by Polar Expressions Pub. took the honorable mention category 2010

Mouths Of Madness  published Thistledown Press 1998 YA anthology ‘Opening Tricks’

Non-Fiction: Deep Sea Fishing 101  This short story won an on-line travel competition.  The big prize was VIA Rail tickets and two nights in a Starwood chain hotel.   When we were in Toronto we jumped aboard an eastbound  Halifax train (cabin) and then headed over the Confederation Bridge to PEI.

True or False?

  My Big Christmas Tree

Travel: Why I Hate Cruise Ships

Chicken Gladiators

Do Not Fear The Bullfight  Sold to GoNomad online travel after a lengthy tour of Portugal

Grenada 1979 – Honeymoon in a Dangerous Time

Indonesian Freighter or How I Met My Wife

Super Optometrist

Stupid Bloody Tourist

Back in the USSR/Pulp Fiction Propaganda

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