Lost in Translation: same, same, but different.

Welcome to MalayaP1110234Lost in translation is a common problem as the English language has so many words to say so much; same, same, but different.  Plenty of ways to say things, but if you’re not proficient it can be messed up.  Somehow, though, it’ll be understood.  Most of these are from a recent journey to Southeast Asia., with the lead off from Mexico. Baby shark pie is from Mexico, too.  I’ll have mine with ice cream.






mexico (6)



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  1. Ray Suchow says:

    Hello Ed!
    Congratulations on the website, and on getting into the wonderful world of ebooks. I’m very pleased to see Old Flames online. You worked many hours on that story, and deserve all the success it brings. Keep on writing, and we’ll chat soon!

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