Ransom – boy’s adventure

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RANSOM is a boy’s adventure. When three friends go for their usual jaunt into the woods a gang war develops over territorial rights. Out-manned, out-sized, and out-smarted by a rival gang, they attempt to turn the tables and are shocked when Big Bill, their strongest and bravest, is captured and held for ransom by the imposing Fat Harold and his gang.  Tony and Squirt, left to their own devices and  unable to seek adult help as in the Lord Of The Flies, the two friends must overcome the impossible to rescue Big Bill.  (read excerpt below)

http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/71201       for eBook readers it’s also available at most eBook sites.

What’s been said:

“…your juvenile novel sounds original and engaging…”  –  First Books

“You are a fine writer with a great sense of drama and a good grasp of what boys will read.”  –  Lisa Rojany-Bucieri, Americhip Book

“Great stories.  Send the rest of Archie’s Gold and Ransom.”  – Helm Publishing

“In reading it, I found that overall your writing shows a great deal of promise.”  –  National Writers Literary Agency

“I did finish reading Ransom…I did enjoy it.   …the characters were unique, had grit, and brought their own unique elements to the story.”  –  ECW Press

“It’s well written and interesting…”  –  Greenhouse Literary

“I did enjoy it…”  –  Tundra Press

excerpt –    Bill trudged ahead of me, water running off him as though he stood in a shower.  At first, I didn’t pay too much attention to his growing mumblings.  Until he cursed and picked up stones, throwing them into the scrubby shrubs beside the main rail line.

I picked up my pace and walked, or more like shivered, up beside him.  “What are you goin’ on about?”

Bill came to an abrupt stop, skidding in his muddy flip-flops trying to avoid me.  “I’m talking about those jerks taking my knife!”

I didn’t bother mentioning we did not know if they had indeed taken it.  But I suppose, it was a foregone conclusion.  The knife and food and towels were probably some sort of penalty for using the raft; or the spoils of victory.

“It was my Christmas present, you know!”  he said, giving the toss extra oomph, contorting his face into something frightening.

I swallowed hard.  How would I feel if someone swiped my treasure…my ball glove.  I got it for my last birthday.  Tony and I looked at each other trying to think of something encouraging to say.  Nothing came.

Bill narrowed his gaze on us.  “I’m going to fix those guys,” he said, darkly.  “And you’re going to help me.”  Water dripped off the end of his nose.

I didn’t like the sound of that.  Returning would be a rotten idea.  How do three of us get revenge on a dozen or twenty?  Was it even possible?  We went to different schools than them, and lived in different neighborhoods so we couldn’t keep track of them.  We could eliminate the danger of crawling under moving trains, but we couldn’t eliminate Fat Harold’s gang.

Bill always meant what he said.  I gulped dryly and trudged on, somehow knowing I would get sucked into this.

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