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Category: Short Story Lunch Bucket Road lives! Wellanders who know it!

I posted Lunch Bucket Road comments about my award winning short story on two Welland, Ontario Face Book sites and received a huge response.  Many of them played along the path, or used it to go to school or work.  And here I thought no one was still around that town who took it, even remembered it.  So funny that

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Category: Short Story Newest short story almost ready

My newest short story is finally going to see ink.  Summit Studios will finally publish their anthology and my masterpiece will be in it.  I can’t remember which title he chose:  Car Wash Kitty or Binky’s Day Out. It’ll be out late October or early November.  It’s the true story of when I took my sister’s cat thru the car

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Category: Short Story Short Story Submissions

I just found that is accepting short story submissions. If you are an author like my Father (Ed) you want to try to get publicity to send in some short stories to let readers see them and comment. Get their reactions and also more advertising. This is a really great idea for self-published authors as well.

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