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Category: Self-Publishing Goodkindles for ereaders

  I’m trying out Goodkindles in the next few days to see if I can get some bang out of Archie’s Gold, my juvenile/MG story.  Goodkindles for ereaders claims to have a wide following.  I’ll be watching to see if it bumps up sales.  A lot of people like Archie, so we’ll see.  Apparently, there are free eBooks on this

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Category: Self-Publishing 10 Rules on Self-Editing – Basic First Draft Editing – Final 5

Of course there are more than 10 rules to self-editing however my list has easy first steps.  Anyone can do basic first 1st draft editing.  These are the last 5 of my 10.  Please, please, please do not submit your first drafts anywhere or show them to anyone.  It’s like showing a crude chunk of marble to someone and saying

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Category: Self-Publishing Self-Publishing an Ebook

How To Self-Publish an eBook. We are gonna use the 4 p’s of marketing. Place, product, Price, and Promotion.  That’s the way to self-publish an eBook. Old Flames (Product): the first Canadian firefighter eBook featuring a firefighter and written by one.  A unique situation.  It’s a mystery with violence and a bit of romance about a hero who is hiding

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