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Category: Book Giveaway Old Flames eBook Giveaway Information Update

Hello Everyone, Now that many of you have the promotional copy of Old Flames, please post a review/comment on the Amazon Kindle or Smashword site. I mean, that was the whole idea. There is a sequel to Old Flames, named Gerry’s War  now available with many of the same characters and some dangerous new ones.  If your interested on more

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Category: Book Giveaway Mystery eBook Giveaway

Remember we are still giving away copies of the mystery ebook Old Flames until the end of October 31st. Join the facebook group or contact us for more information. We only ask you give us a review in thanks for the copy of the ebook. Take care! Ebook Giveaway Group

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Category: Book Giveaway Old Flames Giveaway

Hello, I’ve put a lot of work into my stories and I’ve chosen the eBook way to sell them.  People want to read a good book but they have to know what good books are available.  I need reviews.  To help get some reviews for the book Old Flames, we are having an eBook giveaway where you read the eBook

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