First Drafts and Lazy Writers – a Rant.

First drafts and lazy writers go hand in hand.  If you want to be a writer do the basic work!  I’ve read the first ten manuscripts sent to me by Bookkus publishing.  William is too busy to vet them so I’ve agreed to help him out, read them, and pass my comments onto him.  I suppose I’m a gatekeeper of sorts.  What am I learning?  You can have a dynamite story but if you can’t engage or intrigue readers in the first 5-10 pages no one will read on.  Lazy writers abound.  Only two out of the ten I was sent are worthy to pass onto William and then maybe he’ll post them for reader reviews.

First drafts abound and they’re always a mess.  Authors, you’ve got to get some feedback for your stories, and not from your mamas.  Look around the internet and read 10 Basic Rules of Writing and respect them.  Start here on my site.  Then go here.   I read such crap it’s unbelievable.  Spelling and grammar are easily rectified by software on your computer, so USE THEM.  Show readers you didn’t write your story on a serviette or during a Vietnamese sleeper bus ride.

Every so often I meet someone who says “Yeah, cool, I’d like to write a book, too.”  Sure, pal.   Only if you do the basic work.

A Toast To Elmore Leonard

A toast to the recently departed author, Elmore Leonard.  I read almost all his novels, with the earlier ones his best.

A toast to Elmore Leonard for snappy dialogue.

A toast to Elmore Leonard for memorable characters

A toast to Elmore Leonard for his excellent stories.  Several were made into movies, too.    I didn’t care for his later novels as they were all dialogue.   La Brava, Rum Punch, Get Shorty, Riding The Rap, Pronto–yeah, good stuff.

When you sit down with his earlier stuff you settle right into his world.

He also has his 10 Rules of Writing.   I love rule #10.  It’s the most difficult.

Yahoo! for Final Response

Final Response, my 3rd firefighter novel, has been at for a while now and has managed to get 14 reviews.  It’s closed now for discussion to see what it needs and/or goes to publishing.   It’s garnered a solid 4 star rating.  I’ll know in a few weeks whether or not it makes the cut.  It should.

Zombies: Fact or Fiction Are they Among us?

Okay, I do like the ‘Walking Dead’ TV series.  I don’t read Zombie books.  I don’t care about Zombies.  But from what I saw, maybe I should.  I was just at Slave Lake, Alberta catching the tastiest freshwater fish in the world: walleye/pickerel.   So I’m walking through the campsite and “Whoah!”  I see it.  Now I’m not so sure Zombie don’t exist.  Should their name be capitalized?



Fact or fiction?
Fact or fiction?


VooDoo Bully update

Chapter 5 is going through my writer’s group and the reviews so far are excellent.  Michael, an elementary school teacher in the group really likes it.  The others like the characters especially the protagonist.

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