Tentative cover for Voodoo Bully

I was fooling around on picMonkey and threw together this tentative cover because I grew to dislike the old one that you can see on the Middle Grade/juvenile tab on this site.  I plan to put all my juvies into paperbacVB #3k maybe by the end of summer 2015.  I’m not exactly sure what genre this story will fit into.  Possibly the low end of YA, too. This Voodoo Boy tentative cover will likely need a pixel boost.  All comments on the cover are welcome.  All publishers are also welcome.



New firefighter novel FINAL RESPONSE available

It’s here!   My new firefighter novel   Final Response is now ready in eBook format as a pre-order from Amazon.  It’s only 8 bucks and a dynamite firefighter story story set in Edmonton during one very cold winter.  Heard of the polar vortex?  Got that, too.FR ebook cover  It’s murder mayhem and grand theft as my firefighters get into a world of trouble.

Canadian firefighters novels are a rare bird in Canada.  It’s not really a new firefighter novel; it’s actually my third.  Fire Captain Gerry Ormond is nowhere in sight.

Heys Luggage Issue

This is off my usual post.  The Heys luggage issue I have really angered me and I sent them a letter. Don’t buy Heys suitcase because it has a defective substandard wheel.  The luggage wheel issue is the wheel that shredded on my last trip, only it’s second usage.  A Heys suitcase wheel is not covered under warranty.  They find plenty of excuses not to honor their 5 year warranty.  This is the letter I sent them after they said no to my shredded wheel.  

Well, took my suitcase into Edmonton Luggage for a 5 year warranty claim and was very disappointed the crappy wheel that blew out during my travels is not covered.
Reason #1: The two wheels cannot support the weight if it’s tilted.
My rebuttal: You are manufacturing substandard wheels. Two wheel should be able handle weight when the luggage is tilted for any reason. Obviously they can’t. Heys claims the four wheels should be able to go over uneven terrain as it states on the brochure received with the purchase.

Reason #2 a piece of something, maybe gravel, got into the wheel and chewed it up.
My rebuttal: You claim you make the wheels for rough terrain where sometimes there are gravel bits. How could this bit even get in there? Your manufacturing flaw here is obvious. I was not warned to stay on airport terminal tile. Sometimes one must use a sidewalk to get a cab or walk to a nearby hotel.

Reason #3 This Heys suitcase was made specifically for being pulled on all four wheels, not two.
My rebuttal: Most of the time it was on four wheels. There was nothing on the brochure explaining this. Your luggage should work as a wheeled piece of luggage should while encountering various situations that luggage has and always will.

Reason #4 Too much weight on wheel, not distributed evenly.
My rebuttal: I was never told how much weight one wheel, or the entire suitcase, can handle. I don’t have any elaborate weighing device telling me too much underwear is piled in the corner. The gold bricks, well….
It seems there are all sorts of reasons you can dream up that will justify your case of not repairing my suitcase. I didn’t hang around to listen to any others as I was angry. I spent a lot more on cab fare because of this, when I should have been walking.
I’m stuck with a crippled suitcase that must now support weight on three wheels because:
I didn’t use the missing secret decoder for the hidden instructions on proper handling measures for four-wheeled luggage.
I didn’t sweep the walk in front of me incase for fear some bit of gravel would render this suitcase useless.
I neglected to weigh each article of clothing for even distribution.
It’s just my bad luck I bought Heys.
Ding! All of the above.
After being told my suitcase was not covered I took the liberty of bad-mouthing your product in the store to several potential customers. This gave me great satisfaction. The Bay where I purchasedHeys Delta-wide body  (5) your product is in a shopping area I frequent so I will return. I will find other effective ways to do so unless you kindly decide to buck up and admit the wheel that blew on me is deficient.

So just say, “Hey, don’t buy a Heys.”


Book Release News

If you want to know when any of new books become available you can add your email to my subscribers list.  I suspect my first book   release for Final Response will be late spring.  I’m also getting out another juvenile The Blob…In My Shoes this year.  It’s already written  I only have to find the time.

Back In Canada

After a lengthy stay in Mexico I’ve returned home to spring weather fully tanned and fit.  Eager to get back into tax returns, suitcase wheel warranties (mine had a blow out), my daughter’s birthday, and writing of course.  The attached pictures were taken in the Yucatan, Mexico.  My snorkeling highlights were green turtles, a spotted ray, and barracuda.  I’ll be starting a mailing list soon to keep readers updated.P1110234  mexico (6)I didn’t order the pie below.

Notable Authors Caught Lying

Here are a three notable authors caught lying about their ‘true’stories.  Remember James Frey’s ‘A Million Little Pieces’? The book was even pushed by Oprah.  The author spent one night in a drunk tank making his fiction addiction such bullshit.  By the time he was exposed he’d sold truckloads of copies.  He apologized to Oprah but people still loved him.

This one is about 3 or 4 years old.  My grandaughter is an animated, expressive 4 year old. but when she sees her Peter Rabbit climbing out the window at night I won’t be following it and writing a book.  Or should I?     *Taken from: heavenisforreal.net/the-books/heaven-is-for-real/      Four-year-old Colton Burpo made it through an emergency appendectomy and his family was overjoyed at his miraculous survival. What they weren’t expecting, though, was the story that emerged in the following months—a story as beautiful as it was extraordinary, detailing their little boy’s trip to heaven and back. *  Yeah,  made up.   Maybe the angels didn’t get any royalties.

And now the book Escape From Camp 14 about a North Korean escapee who has changed his story, too.

What I have to figure out is a bizarre account of my freelance astronaut days when NASA wouldn’t take up foreigners…and I stowed away…yeah…and the astronauts barred me from the cinema…and I had an ‘incident’ using the vacuum toilet…..   Remember when the Challenger blew up? I was the guy on the previous shuttle flight who put the ‘Do Not Push’ warning on the destruct button. They just couldn’t keep their monkey fingers away.  Maybe it was a bad idea.  Any takers?  Really, I was in space.


Whenever I read a book I review it on The popular Goodreads site.  They send me an end of the year report and tin 2014 I read 47 books.  I didn’t skim, either.   Right now I’ve just finished Martin Short’s book  I Must Say and am beginning Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice which I’m not sure of.   The writing style is a bit of a challenge, and it’s coming out as a movie.

New Year Hopes

My new year hopes should bear fruit with my firefighter novel Final Response being marketed in eBook and paperback formats followed throughout the year by Old Flames and Gerry’s War.  Several of my juveniles should see the light of day with Be That Books publishing.  Tina, its prez, is a friend of mine and is venturing out for fiction.  When we met in December she said she’d take some of them on.  I’ll also do some tweaking to Out on A Limb and The Blob…In My Shoes.

I’ve embarked on a new novel Tequila and Coca-Cola set in Mexico where I occasionally visit for a few months.  I’ve got 4 chapters done and haven’t decided who the bad guys are yet but I think I’ll make the characters quirky and some very flawed.


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