First ever book signings

Book signing (5)Book signing (11)Happy Saskatchewan Day! They named the ‘civic’ holiday. FINAL RESPONSE my first ever  book signings in Saskatoon went well at McNally Robinson (classy, stylized store) and Chapters ( a large store). McNally Robinson even put an advert in the paper for the signing. Both stores kept a few copies to sell. Krista @ Chapters wants to carry all my young reader books as well. So it all went exceedingly well. FINAL RESPONSE will be carried at both stores.  Thank you Hellen @ McNally Robinson. People like talking to a firefighter, even an extinguished one like me who actually knows how to pronounce ‘exceedingly’. There were a group of firefighters outside the bookstore at Chapters and the captain bought a copy.  Then Gloria, her sister, and I put on our dancing shoes and dropped into Danceland at Manitou Beach to cut a rug on the horse hair dance floor under a grand full moon.


Book signing (10)

Final Response book signing Tour

The book signing tour begins.  I was heading for Saskatchewan this summer anyhow, so Bookkus set me up at Chapters and McNally Robinson books in Saskatoon.  I have no idea how many will sell.  It is a summer long weekend, so maybe I shouldn’t expect too much.

I have bookmarks and a banner made.

July 2015
Chapters Indigo
Friday, July 31 @ 4:00pm – 7:00pm Indigo Centre at Circle & Eighth

August 2015
McNally Robinson Sat. Aug. 1st 2-4 p.m.3130  8th street

Edmonton and Calgary to follow


FINAL RESPONSE 4 Star – firefighter thriller

FINAL RESPONSE 4 star rating – firefighter thriller.  Yes, it is doing well in the early going.  Pretty darn good.  I’m pleased people like it.  I enjoyed writing it and really only expected 3 stars which is a ‘like’.  I am the first Canadian firefighter to write firefighter fiction in Canada.    FINAL RESPONSE does make the grade for the thriller category.  Bookkus, the publisher hasn’t been able to come up with any book launch sites as yet, but it is still early.  Two more firefighter books will follow via Bookkus Publishing.  Stay tuned for the next one which will be OLD FLAMES, a sample of it on this site.

Firefighter thrillers are virtually non-existent.   You can get it in paperback or eformat at Amazon.

4 star means a good read, unless it’s out of 10 stars.  LOL   So keep reading and reviewing and comment on his site as well.  Remember, you are getting sleepy….sleepy…FINAL RESPONSE  4star rating…firefighter thriller…buy…read…buy…read……


This is a tentative cover rejected by the publisher.

F R Cover B


Another short story sold

I have recently sold another short story to Summit Studios.  Matt Jackson there likes my writing.  He wants me to take the drinking mentions out as a lot of younger people also read his anthologies. The story is called Big Bad Snowman and occurred some years back when I hung out at the Zoo, a big flophouse of transients from B.C. and Welland, Ontario looking for work.  A party was always on and if not, could get started in a hurry.  George Miller boiled potatoes with dirt still on them, we had a wacky city floor hockey team, Paul was building a catamaran in the backyard,  Canadian Club whiskey was never mixed (Barry), and there was always beer in the fridge.

Welland, Ontario fiction?

Four of my juvenile/MG stories Archie’s Gold, Ransom, Out On A Limb, and The Far Bank are set in Welland, Ontario.  Welland, Ontario fiction? It does exist.  I wrote them based on the quirky characters and all the ups and downs of life there when I was growing up.  A good buddy of mine can vouch for all of it and he’s actually in The Far Bank.   If you’ve ever swam the Welland Canal, hung out on King Street, remember shoe shine boys, or were picked on these are the stories to read.

Welland was a rough blue collar town where growing up, one had to have a certain toughness.  The King Streeters and Barge Boys were particularly quirky and actually quite courageous.  Fights in those days were plentiful and tough guys roamed up and down summer nights along King. Jukeboxes played loud and carried out to the street.


All my juvenile/MG stories into print editions

I finally was able to find the time to turn all my juvenile/MG stories into print editions.  Yes, there are 6 of them, including my latest Voodoo Bully and an older one The Blob…in my shoes which underwent a lot of drafts.  These are good reads for kids from about Grade 5 (did some readings) to about 12 years old.  There are no talking creatures or easy, magical escapes, just true grit and reality.  My boys get into trouble and must use their smarts to get out of it.  Four of these stories have been in eBook format for a year or two already.

If you have some young-uns who want to read some reality books these are the ones to get.  There’s fights, bullying, friendship, and integrity.

Hot firefighter novel available – Bookkus publishing

Canadian firefighter novel, Final Response my highly rated firefighter novel via Bookkus Publishing is now available in eBook as of today @ Smashwords, for the low, low price of $5.50 USD.  The best thing about Smashwords is you can download it into any eBook format- mobi, epub, etc. for any device.   It’s a dynamite firefighter story story set in Edmonton during one very cold winter.  Heard of the polar vortex?  Got that, too.FR ebook cover  If your tired of the same old police, PI, lawyer, stories give it a whirl.  The price is right.   You got to know that firefighter novels are rare.  Bookkus Publishing says the paperback will be out in June.

Canadian firefighter novel available in eBook format

Canadian firefighter novel, Final Response my Canadian firefighter novel is now available in eBook format as a pre-order from Amazon.  It’s only 8 bucks and a dynamite firefighter story story set in Edmonton during one very cold winter.  Heard of the polar vortex?  Got that, too.FR ebook cover

Canadian firefighters novels are a rare bird in Canada.

Bookkus, the publisher says the paperback should be out in June.




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