Sold! Another Short Story

The CBCbinkie, and one commenter, didn’t appreciate my humorous piece Car Wash Kitty  but Summit Studios did.  This will be my second story with them.  In I Sold My Gold Tooth For Gas Money was ‘Indonesian Freighter ‘ a short story about how I met Gloria, my wife.  When the anthology was launched Matt Jackson, editor, asked if I wanted to go to Greenwoods Book store for the launch.  It was interesting reading my story and taking questions from the horde of fans who showed up for the book launch.  I’ll post the story on this site after the as yet unnamed anthology comes out.


TUEBL – eBook piracy

Travis McCrea is providing a site where you can download eBooks for free.  He claims this isn’t piracy and assuages his guilt by donating to charities and claiming he helps authors get exposure.  I put a lot of time and effort into my writing and you’ll see by my work that it shows.  Tuebl is nothing more than a sleazy pawn shop.  David D. creator of Challenger RPG and Travis are getting into a good discussion about the pros and cons here. Why any author would provide free copies to get exposure is nothing short of devaluing their work and self-serving promotion on other’s backs.  People don’t appreciate anything they get for free.  My comments on the site are as follows.

First of all I can’t believe authors would upload books for free. If they do they devalue their work in their own eyes and everyone else’s. I tried to search for lesser known authors on TUEBL and found none, only big names were there who do not need the exposure. It’s been my experience that when people get something for free they don’t respect it, and that goes for Indian’s homes on the Rez to books. People who pirate music and literature are generally uncreative slobs who have no idea of the time, effort, and creativity of the artists. If they knew, they wouldn’t do it. Maybe they’re good at something else besides theft. Mr. McCrea claims he doesn’t run a pirate site and when challenged on it likes to lay some guilt on his detractors by his offerings to charity (leave me be or by God, I’ll close down the orphanage). This ruse may put some on the defensive, but the bottom line is he provides a place for people to steal much like a sleazy pawn shop claiming the store helps the impoverished. Since one cannot stand outside McCrea’s storefront with ropes and torches, the only way to stop online piracy is to incorporate a nasty virus into an innocuous upload.
I do enjoy the discussion however. Good job David, you are a fine artist and your fighting back is impressive. Unfortunately, the arts in North America, unlike in Europe, are vastly underfunded and unappreciated.

eBook Predictions for 2013

Mark Coker, creator of Smashwords gives his daring take on the future state of eBooks and the publishing industry in general.  I believe the eBook industry will continue to grow along with the growth of eDevices, especially smart phones.  The younger generation don’t go near paperbacks.  I’ve seen some ads for smart phones where if you want to share something on screen you merely have to tap phones together.  Does this mean eBooks and music files can be pirated that easily?

Christmas update

I’m diligently editing The Far Bank my juvenile/middle grade eBook for a mid-January release.  It’s primarily about bullies and a paper route from hell surrounding a swimming/boating tragedy in the Old Welland Canal.  The canal used to be my boyhood swimming hole and was always a controversial place in regards to swimming, as it was a major shipping lane between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.  You can read the synopsis here:

To all my readers I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   Here’s some Xmas reading.

Voodoo Boy – finito

I did it.  Voodoo Boy has 10 chapters and the2nd draft is finished.  My writers group will get it in the new year.

Evens, a Haitian boy, knows who poisoned Scraps, his dog, . He vows to get even. Unfortunately, the only way is through the school bully who secretly kills neighborhood cats. Controlling the big fella won’t be easy, but maybe a little bit of voodoo will help.

Chicago Fire – new TV drama – my rant

Oct. 28/2012 Chicago Fire, the new drama on TV, seen it?  Don’t.  I really don’t think there are any fire service consultants on the set.  Most Canadian fire services adopted the Command and Control structure from Americans.

CF has no command structure (search & rescue, ventilation, recon, etc.) at emergencies that I can see, except a white-shirted chief does show up and sort of tells the men what to do–sort of.  No indication there are other units anywhere for backup.

There’s no visual indicators at a emerg. scene to ID officers.  Little or no communication as they don’t appear to talk on their portable radios much, if at all.

Anyhow, I counted four different clothing types: shirts with shoulder patches, another shirt with different shoulder patches, polo shirts, and T-shirts.  There are no epaulet stripes to signify officers.  Last night a polo-shirted firefighter went into a bar across the street to meet a cop–on duty!

The most handsome firefighter has a four day growth of stubble that wouldn’t get a seal with a face piece.  A leaky face piece ain’t fun in a smoke-charged room.  Prepare for death, hot shot.

They don’t appear to get in their gear until they get on scene, which counters any sort of ‘fast attack’.  Slack-ass firefighters like that wouldn’t get through their probationary period with Edmonton Fire Rescue Service or most others.

There’s smaller stuff, too, like references to a quicker road to promotion via riding a specific truck.  What!?  Can this be true?  You want to get promoted you’d better ride all the rigs to get an understanding of their operations before you go to the academy to write for an officer.  As for the intimidation of a cop to get a FF ‘s witness statement back–good luck, pal.  Once your  paperwork (run report) is submitted and leaves the dept, would take a lot of effort to haul it back and change it.  Once a firefighter works 10 and 12 hour shifts they don’t often return to the station to hang out.

I hope the real CFD isn’t as badly run.

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