Firefighter bookstore Firefighter bookstore

Old Flames my firefighter mystery is being sold here at a firefighter bookstore. Who knew these type of things even existed?   

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Lance Armstrong: cheat, bully, liar, fraudulent author Lance Armstrong: cheat, bully, liar, fraudulent author

Will the public ever get satisfaction from the Lance Armstrong debacle?  He’s screwed everyone from readers to reporters to judges to athletes.  No doubt he’s got his ducks in a row and is probably untouchable as a seven year statute of limitations on criminal activity has passed.  Another fallen American hero.  The media should really decide who the real heroes

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Apple iBooks Apple iBooks

The Far Bank is finally available @ Apple iBooks.  Other sites will soon follow.

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Sold!  Another Short Story Sold! Another Short Story

The CBC, and one commenter, didn’t appreciate my humorous piece Car Wash Kitty  but Summit Studios did.  This will be my second story with them.  In I Sold My Gold Tooth For Gas Money was ‘Indonesian Freighter ‘ a short story about how I met Gloria, my wife.  When the anthology was launched Matt Jackson, editor, asked if I wanted

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TUEBL – eBook piracy TUEBL – eBook piracy

Travis McCrea is providing a site where you can download eBooks for free.  He claims this isn’t piracy and assuages his guilt by donating to charities and claiming he helps authors get exposure.  I put a lot of time and effort into my writing and you’ll see by my work that it shows.  Tuebl is nothing more than a sleazy

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eBook Predictions for 2013 eBook Predictions for 2013

Mark Coker, creator of Smashwords gives his daring take on the future state of eBooks and the publishing industry in general.  I believe the eBook industry will continue to grow along with the growth of eDevices, especially smart phones.  The younger generation don’t go near paperbacks.  I’ve seen some ads for smart phones where if you want to share something

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Bullies, a paper route from hell, and a dangerous swimming race Bullies, a paper route from hell, and a dangerous swimming race

The Far Bank my latest juvenile, middle grade novel, is now available through Kindle and Smashwords.   It’ll be ready at Apple and the other by the end of Jan.   This story was also read to a number of Grade 5 students who were weaned on Harry Potter and vampires and zombies…….and they liked it.

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Christmas eBooks Christmas eBooks

If you’re looking for a great gift that costs nothing to send, try an Amazon/Kindle gift card They can use it for an ebook or anything else on Amazon.

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Christmas update Christmas update

I’m diligently editing The Far Bank my juvenile/middle grade eBook for a mid-January release.  It’s primarily about bullies and a paper route from hell surrounding a swimming/boating tragedy in the Old Welland Canal.  The canal used to be my boyhood swimming hole and was always a controversial place in regards to swimming, as it was a major shipping lane between

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Asteroid collision coming in Feb. 2013? Asteroid collision coming in Feb. 2013?

I’m looking forward to seeing this as it’ll only be 6,000 kms. away.  Better download some eBooks, pour a libation, head out in the hot tub, and kiss your ass goodbye.   No Mayans on this rock.    

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Tentative Juvenile eBook Cover Tentative Juvenile eBook Cover

I decided to try my hand at a book cover for a new juvenile eBook release The Far Bank.  Ta Da!  I took a photo of the graphic on an old sweatshirt my mom bought for me years ago.

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