Leduc Book Club

I was invited to the Leduc Book Club nite and discussed FINAL RESPONSE.  They all liked it but a few wanted more from the ending, telling me a sequel was needed. I talked about the characters and that a few were taken from my career. The big man, Ben, was actually blended of two men I used to work with.  The members of the club gave me a generous Chapters gift card. Thanks, Pat!   I met with the publisher on the weekend and we discussed the release of OLD FLAMES.  Editing is done and the cover will require a tweak. The pic is from the Seba Beach farmer’s Market

Seba Beach in June (2)

Book marketing @ Farmer’s Markets

My book marketing is poor.  My new story WOLVES OF CANCUN is on Wattpad.com up to the 5th chapter.  I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it as only 12 people have read it and no one has commented.   Could it get plagiarized?  Sure.  So last summer Bookkus publishing set me up for book sales at Chapters Indigo stores in Western Canada, actually about 5 stores.  It was a waste of time although the one day I was second in sales to Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set A Watchman’ the sequel to ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’.   But the store takes 40% of the retail sale and the publisher took another chunk leaving me with peanuts.  So now, I’ve signed up for a few farmer’s Markets around Edmonton.  The table rental is cheap.   Of the initial two, one was good and the other a flop, as few people went to it.  I was next to a jewelery craft woman and a perfume lady.   So this weekend I am in Alberta Beach and Seba Beach, west of Edmonton.  They are lovely lake towns and their markets are supposed to generate a lot of traffic.  The weather is going to be great.  Maybe I should give an ice cream cone with each book.  This time I’m buying a helium balloon from the dollar store and tie it to my table.   That’s my book marketing @ farmer’s market’s strategy.

FIREFIGHTER #2 Novel almost ready

OLD FLAMES firefighter #2 novel proof is almost ready.  The proof has arrived.  I have to comb through this for errors and send it back to Bookkus Publishing   It never ceases to amaze me after many, many edits and checks, a book will still have minor errors.  So far the major error in this copy is the font size which changes throughout.  I checked my original document and it is okay so somehow tDSCN2191he printer must have screwed it up.  Anyhow, OLD FLAMES is almost there.DSCN2189

Truth in Advertising

It’s not often you get a product that states exactly what you’re getting.  Truth in advertising can be an oxymoron.  Like thoseDSCN2181 - Copy great oxygen bubbles that turn up in cleaning products.  It probably plain old air.  Anyhow my eye caught some truth in advertising when I walked into the Bulk Barn.  Two things come together again like magic. Okay, so the nuns used to get their kicks washing out my mouth with soap. Then this company makes a product for years and hasn’t done any ‘new improved’ tweaks. And ‘voila’ I walk out of the

Relive the moment

Relive the moment you had your mouth washed out with soap!

store with this purple gum and…like, the years melted and I started swearing again.


No More School Readings or Chapters/Indigo

No more school readings or Chapters Indigo signings. After several school readings of my young reader stories, I have decided that teachers, although eager to bring in a writer, ultimately do not appreciate it. I take time to prepare, try to make my presentation entertaining, and do not charge any fee.  The teacher buys one copy (photocopies it) and shares it among 100 students. Do I even get one review for my effort?  I’ve asked, but the request gets forgotten.   There’s no spike in sales after a reading.  The kids don’t buy books, it’s their parents who buy them for the kids.  I’ll spend my time working on my next project.  So it further reinforces the fact that people do not appreciate free stuff.

This weekend, Sat. 23rd I’ll be at the Stony Plain Farmer’s Market with all my books.  Chapters Indigo takes too much of a % for me to sit around and harass people walking past.  I still have books at a few of their locations.   Anyhow, that’s the life of book marketing.





Old Flames will be back

Old Flames will be back

Bookkus Publishing tells me Old Flames will be back as an eBook and a paperback later this spring.  It’s quite different from Final Response as it has a hot romance with high school  sweethearts igniting the flame again.  Bookkus tells me it’s their favorite.  I released Old Flames only as an an eBook two years ago and received some fine reviews.  Women liked like this one a lot.  This will be my second Canadian firefighter novel.  No one does it better.  Click on the link for a look at this compelling story.  http://www.yatscoffbooks.com/firefighter-books/old-flames/

Old Flames will be back

Old Flames will be back

Go NOMAD travel article

So in my last post I got pissed off at the state of travel articles and went on a tear submitting my bull fighting experience in Lisbon around to a few places.  And I got a bite.  The original 749 word article hit the right chord and the editor told me to bump it up to 1200 words for a feature.   So Bullfighting Portuguese Style, or something like that, will be a GoNOMAD Travel article.  I had to post my photos at Google Plus so if any of you would like to see them the link is:  https://goo.gl/photos/yTVGHbrFC4rqSLAp7       

Style and bravery. The bull ultimately lives to trot off at the end

Style and bravery. The bull ultimately lives to trot off at the end

The venue was the fabulous Campo Pequeno

Lisbon Bullfight (167)

Travel Writing Bullshit

Travel Writing Bullshit

Major newspapers these days are quickly losing their relevance to the internet.  Notably are the travel sections.  I’ve had a few travel articles published in newspapers and a few more on websites. News papers are tough nuts to crack.  Here’s what an Edmonton Journal newspaper editor said:  In fact, the Postmedia policy is that any freelancer who publishes work that’s bought by the chain (as opposed to picked up from one of our other wire services, such as CP or AP), is credited as a Postmedia writer for that piece. So, short answer: yes, we still publish freelancers.  Longer answer: I have an extremely limited budget for buying freelance travel pieces, yet it’s the section that gets the most queries.

The large majority of travel articles are written by full-time writers of wire services who have large budgets.  Major newspaper subscribe to these and pick and choose which ones they want to appear in their travel sections.  Heard of Queen’s song ‘Radio Gaga’  Same thing, in return they get travel writing bullshit, gaga, kaka, where the tame writer takes the hand-holding tour and offers little insight.  If you don’t have a similar budget you’ll get little pertinent info from those.

Staying in $200 a night hotels?  Come on, few people I know can afford this.  Taking hundred dollar tours that can be done on a city bus?  You won’t get the free drink but its a money saver.  In Lisbon, Portugal I saw several people with Lonely Planet books and it made me smile. That is a budget guide.  Smart people.

Cruises may be fun, but please don’t tell me you’ve gained some insight into the local life.  Five hours on a snap visit doesn’t count.  My limited experience with cruises is being on land when three ships dock and the island is flooded with tourists.  I try to catch a cab there and discover the fares have skyrocketed.  Obviously, every local in the port is looking for your wallet.

And all-inclusive resorts?  I stayed at one–once.  They are curiosity-crippling places where they warn you venturing outside will be your death and the local food ‘out there’ is bad.  Yeah, like the locals are going to poison the cabbies and their friends and neighbors.  Yet many people returning from these resorts catch intestinal bugs, wrongly blaming it on airline ventilation.

I’ve read articles that are obviously dialed in.  This is not hard to do especially with all the info available on line and Google Earth.  Another article, just recently, told of a couple who were so stupid they were ripped off at the Cancun airport for a $195 USD cab ride and at a public beach paid for a snorkeling ‘guide’.  One writer was on some dialed in bogus bike tour of Vietnam and didn’t even know most of the Ho Chi Minh trail is in Laos.  They obviously didn’t ask around or do their research.  Stupid is as stupid does.  The picture here is an example of pertinent info. Fado in Portugal is traditional folk music, mournful and soulful, mostly on acoustic guitar.  Some places charge you to hear a musician in small venues.

Why not some Fado music with dinner? No cover charge.

Why not some Fado music with dinner? No cover charge.


Why not listen to Portugal’s Fado music while having dinner?  No cover charge.  A few restaurants in the old town offer this.  Follow the tram line east, stay right and keep your eyes open.


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