WriterPalooza Nov. 10th

WriterPalooza  & Book LaunchWriterPalooza is ready to roll on Nov.10th at the Beaumont library 6-10 pm.  I will continue with my book launch for FINAL RESPONSE there.  I have 10 or so books left.  I’ll also be selling and signing my young reader novels.  Every fall, Alberta Culture Days promotes artist stuff and I was in the one in Beaumont with Diane Tolley.  We were overwhelmed by the visual artists there and I think she sold one book of her many.  We were also promoting the anthology MOB HIT ON MY GRANDMOTHER’S DOG where we have short stories.  Maybe three people came to our table.  So I suggested to Andrea who is the library events coordinator that authors should have their own night and she came up with WriterPalooza.     I’ve rounded up 8 local authors to appear as well.  I couldn’t attract a few others who have books such as K.C. or Christine or Heather.    So, we’ll see if Beaumont is interested in authors.

School Reading for Young Readers

I’ll be doing a school reading for young readers in Oct. of one of my young reader novels.  Beth McCormick, a teacher at Landsdowne school in Edmonton was impressed with my work and asked me to come out during READ IN week. For Grade 5 and 6 kids.  I gave her a copy of Voodoo Bully.  Hope it doesn’t scare her off. She’s going to order one of my six and then study it for a few weeks.  I enter the class and feel intimidated by all the subtle things I didn’t purposely write, you know, hidden meanings and such.  For the school readings I’d choose Voodoo Bully or The Far Bank


FINAL RESPONSE gets some press

My first firefighter novel in paperback FINAL RESPONSE is getting great reviews on Amazon and I am featured in the Edmonton Journal books section.  FINAL RESPONSE gets some press, too, in the form of a pic of the book cover.



Calgary book signing tour success

I have to say my Calgary book signing tour was a success.  I hung around two Calgary Chapters stores and sold quite a few copies of  FINAL RESPONSE.  The Signal Hill Rd. store is keeping a few on hand as well. Calgary Book sign (3)





Then, on the way home, I stumbled upon the secret giant marshmallow farm.  The crop is ripe and ready for harvest, just in time for long weekend campfires.  People say Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was bullshit, but I’m not so sure now since I found this.

Marshmallow farm (2)



First ever book signings

Book signing (5)Book signing (11)Happy Saskatchewan Day! They named the ‘civic’ holiday. FINAL RESPONSE my first ever  book signings in Saskatoon went well at McNally Robinson (classy, stylized store) and Chapters ( a large store). McNally Robinson even put an advert in the paper for the signing. Both stores kept a few copies to sell. Krista @ Chapters wants to carry all my young reader books as well. So it all went exceedingly well. FINAL RESPONSE will be carried at both stores.  Thank you Hellen @ McNally Robinson. People like talking to a firefighter, even an extinguished one like me who actually knows how to pronounce ‘exceedingly’. There were a group of firefighters outside the bookstore at Chapters and the captain bought a copy.  Then Gloria, her sister, and I put on our dancing shoes and dropped into Danceland at Manitou Beach to cut a rug on the horse hair dance floor under a grand full moon.


Book signing (10)

Final Response book signing Tour

The book signing tour begins.  I was heading for Saskatchewan this summer anyhow, so Bookkus set me up at Chapters and McNally Robinson books in Saskatoon.  I have no idea how many will sell.  It is a summer long weekend, so maybe I shouldn’t expect too much.

I have bookmarks and a banner made.

July 2015
Chapters Indigo
Friday, July 31 @ 4:00pm – 7:00pm Indigo Centre at Circle & Eighth

August 2015
McNally Robinson Sat. Aug. 1st 2-4 p.m.3130  8th street

Edmonton and Calgary to follow


FINAL RESPONSE 4 Star – firefighter thriller

FINAL RESPONSE 4 star rating – firefighter thriller.  Yes, it is doing well in the early going.  Pretty darn good.  I’m pleased people like it.  I enjoyed writing it and really only expected 3 stars which is a ‘like’.  I am the first Canadian firefighter to write firefighter fiction in Canada.    FINAL RESPONSE does make the grade for the thriller category.  Bookkus, the publisher hasn’t been able to come up with any book launch sites as yet, but it is still early.  Two more firefighter books will follow via Bookkus Publishing.  Stay tuned for the next one which will be OLD FLAMES, a sample of it on this site.

Firefighter thrillers are virtually non-existent.   You can get it in paperback or eformat at Amazon.

4 star means a good read, unless it’s out of 10 stars.  LOL   So keep reading and reviewing and comment on his site as well.  Remember, you are getting sleepy….sleepy…FINAL RESPONSE  4star rating…firefighter thriller…buy…read…buy…read……


This is a tentative cover rejected by the publisher.

F R Cover B


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