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Bio:   I am the first firefighter writer in Canada of firefighter fiction.  I was born in Welland, Ontario, a blue-collar town in the Niagara Peninsula.  My life took a detour while backpacking the world, marooning me in Australia  with no money.  But continuing on to backpack around the globe, I met my wife on a freighter in the South China Sea.

I’ve worked a lot of jobs from paperboy to grocery clerk, sales rep and iron worker, mink ranch hand and assembly lines, freelance astronaut (no offers) to boilermaker apprentice, delivery driver, and career firefighter and officer. I’ve climbed the Great Wall of China (Jinshanling section), lived through the 1979 Grenada revolution (on honeymoon with Gloria), played with a wild orca in Nootka Sound, almost smuggled a Playboy magazine into Communist Russia (story on this site), tossed eggs at an Aussie PM, and swam beside a marlin in Honduras. I’ve also played drums in the Black Gold Big Band, and was a fastball catcher in the Edmonton Men’s Fastball League.  I’ve raised three children, all university grads, and occasionally do home renos.

Edmonton Fire station #26, my last assignment. Present are District Chief and the big rookie.

32 of my years were spent with one of the best fire rescue services in the world.  Edmonton firefighters are dedicated, courageous, and compassionate.  They have never ceased to amaze me in their conduct, courage, and abilities.  Any problem from the bizarre to hazardous is resolved. They “don’t need no stinking TV shows!” about them.  Because of them I became a better man.  I was promoted to an officer to become a senior station captain, a huge challenge mentally and also physically for my age.  I retired in Jan. 2010.  I live in Beaumont, AB with Gloria, an artist. Edmonton Fire Radio.

I write, travel (see some pix in Lost in Translation tab), do a bit of fishing and boating, drink demon rum, do some freelance editing, manage a writers group, and read voraciously.  My travels are extensive: USSR, Vietnam, Cuba, Cambodia, Laos, Beijing, Seoul, U.S.A. , across Canada, Pago Pago, Auckland, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Portugal, Thailand, Barbados, Madeira Island, London, and Honduras.  We visit Toronto a few times a year to see our grand daughter Bronwyn (clever girl) and in 2013, the new kid grandson Finnley.  I expect to keep sticking pins in the world map.  Gloria and I bought an ass-kicking 5th wheel and an arsonist torched it (he got 12 years in an ‘institution’). Got an insurance replacement, though. My writers group in Beaumont has kept me inspired to keep writing.

My band for nearly 8 years
My band for nearly 8 years

So far 9 written:  6 young reader 1 firefighter novel in print and eBooks.  Two other firefighter novels ready to roll out.  I am slowly putting together humorous incidents from my firefighter career and am working hard on another fiction set in Mexico: Wolves of Cancun

North Saskatchewan River @ Devon - our summer hangout
North Saskatchewan River @ Devon – our summer hangout
Stampede& DRumheller (3)
Calgary Stampede
What a town!
What a town!

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