Final Response book signing Tour

The book signing tour begins.  I was heading for Saskatchewan this summer anyhow, so Bookkus set me up at Chapters and McNally Robinson books in Saskatoon.  I have no idea how many will sell.  It is a summer long weekend, so maybe I shouldn’t expect too much. I have bookmarks and a banner made. July 2015 Saskatoon: Chapters Indigo Friday,

FINAL RESPONSE 4 Star – firefighter thriller

FINAL RESPONSE 4 star rating – firefighter thriller.  Yes, it is doing well in the early going.  Pretty darn good.  I’m pleased people like it.  I enjoyed writing it and really only expected 3 stars which is a ‘like’.  I am the first Canadian firefighter to write firefighter fiction in Canada.    FINAL RESPONSE does make the grade for the thriller

I surrendered to Facebook

Yes, I did it.  I joined Facebook.  There are a lot of firefighters there and it is a good way to stay in touch with them.  Hopefully they buy my FINAL RESPONSE book

Another short story sold

I have recently sold another short story to Summit Studios.  Matt Jackson there likes my writing.  He wants me to take the drinking mentions out as a lot of younger people also read his anthologies. The story is called Big Bad Snowman and occurred some years back when I hung out at the Zoo, a big flophouse of transients from

Welland, Ontario fiction?

Four of my juvenile/MG stories Archie’s Gold, Ransom, Out On A Limb, and The Far Bank are set in Welland, Ontario.  Welland, Ontario fiction? It does exist.  I wrote them based on the quirky characters and all the ups and downs of life there when I was growing up.  A good buddy of mine can vouch for all of it

All my juvenile/MG stories into print editions

I finally was able to find the time to turn all my juvenile/MG stories into print editions.  Yes, there are 6 of them, including my latest Voodoo Bully and an older one The Blob…in my shoes which underwent a lot of drafts.  These are good reads for kids from about Grade 5 (did some readings) to about 12 years old. 

Hot firefighter novel available – Bookkus publishing

Canadian firefighter novel, Final Response my highly rated firefighter novel via Bookkus Publishing is now available in eBook as of today @ Smashwords, for the low, low price of $5.50 USD.  The best thing about Smashwords is you can download it into any eBook format- mobi, epub, etc. for any device.   It’s a dynamite firefighter story story set in Edmonton

Canadian firefighter novel available in eBook format

Canadian firefighter novel, Final Response my Canadian firefighter novel is now available in eBook format as a pre-order from Amazon.  It’s only 8 bucks and a dynamite firefighter story story set in Edmonton during one very cold winter.  Heard of the polar vortex?  Got that, too. Canadian firefighters novels are a rare bird in Canada. Bookkus, the publisher says the

Goodkindles for ereaders

  I’m trying out Goodkindles in the next few days to see if I can get some bang out of Archie’s Gold, my juvenile/MG story.  Goodkindles for ereaders claims to have a wide following.  I’ll be watching to see if it bumps up sales.  A lot of people like Archie, so we’ll see.  Apparently, there are free eBooks on this

Tentative cover for Voodoo Bully

I was fooling around on picMonkey and threw together this tentative cover because I grew to dislike the old one that you can see on the Middle Grade/juvenile tab on this site.  I plan to put all my juvies into paperback maybe by the end of summer 2015.  I’m not exactly sure what genre this story will fit into.  Possibly