Portuguese author – controversial book

So my wife and I are in Lisbon on March 8th having dinner at a window seat.  Across the street there’s a crowd gathering with police, security, and TV cameras.  It turns out to be a book store and we figured it might be a celebrity author such as Yann Martel, Life of Pi guy, Canadian author of The High

Amazon book reviews – news

Whenever someone bought any of my books I told them I’d appreciate a review on Amazon. Not that many did. Amazon reviews are important for new writers as the company circulates an author’s book more as reviews come in, good or bad.  So I was doing okay with reviews getting posted.  Amazon discovered there zillions of  phony reviews on their

Arthur Ellis Crime Award entry

The Arthur Ellis Crime Awards are for Canadian crime authors and have a few categories for entries. I spoke with a small Calgary publisher over a year ago who said she’d take all my juvenile stories, but I think she got busy and forgot all about me as she has her own series that she does crazy marketing on, so

WriterPalooza Nov. 10th

WriterPalooza is ready to roll on Nov.10th at the Beaumont library 6-10 pm.  I will continue with my book launch for FINAL RESPONSE there.  I have 10 or so books left.  I’ll also be selling and signing my young reader novels.  Every fall, Alberta Culture Days promotes artist stuff and I was in the one in Beaumont with Diane Tolley. 

OLD FLAMES final tweak for Bookkus

I’m presently working on OLD FLAMES final tweak for Bookkus .  It doesn’t really need much but….I can’t stop fooling with it.  Like Paul McCartney said about his old tunes that he’d go back and add a bit of horns here, less bass there, a choir maybe here….

Landsdown School in Edmonton

Reading chapter two to 95 Grade 5 kids @ Landsdown School in Edmonton.   They previously read chapter one.  In spite of no dragons or magic wands, they liked it!

FINAL RESPONSE reviews are needed.

I would appreciate if any of you have read FINAL RESPONSE to post a review on Amazon.com.  FINAL RESPONSE reviews are needed to help promote by book.  You only have to post 25 words. I only have 9 so far on Amazon and 16 on Goodreads.   The ratio of books sold to reviews is quite low.

School Reading for Young Readers

I’ll be doing a school reading for young readers in Oct. of one of my young reader novels.  Beth McCormick, a teacher at Landsdowne school in Edmonton was impressed with my work and asked me to come out during READ IN week. For Grade 5 and 6 kids.  I gave her a copy of Voodoo Bully.  Hope it doesn’t scare

FINAL RESPONSE gets some press

My first firefighter novel in paperback FINAL RESPONSE is getting great reviews on Amazon and I am featured in the Edmonton Journal books section.  FINAL RESPONSE gets some press, too, in the form of a pic of the book cover.   http://www.edmontonjournal.com/entertainment/books/Retired+Edmonton+firefighter+turns+writing/11305157/story.html

Calgary book signing tour success

I have to say my Calgary book signing tour was a success.  I hung around two Calgary Chapters stores and sold quite a few copies of  FINAL RESPONSE.  The Signal Hill Rd. store is keeping a few on hand as well.         Then, on the way home, I stumbled upon the secret giant marshmallow farm.  The crop