Leduc Book Club

I was invited to the Leduc Book Club nite and discussed FINAL RESPONSE.  They all liked it but a few wanted more from the ending, telling me a sequel was needed. I talked about the characters and that a few were taken from my career. The big man, Ben, was actually blended of two men I used to work with. 

Seba Beach and Alberta Beach Farmer’s Markets

It was a hot weekend and the lake was just lovely.  Seba Beach and Alberta Beach Farmer’s Markets were busy and I sold as many books as I did in two days at Chapters Indigo stores.   Weird.   Fresh veggies bring out the crowds.  We camped at the RV park beside the lake and also went to see a 50 member

Book marketing @ Farmer’s Markets

My book marketing is poor.  My new story WOLVES OF CANCUN is on Wattpad.com up to the 5th chapter.  I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it as only 12 people have read it and no one has commented.   Could it get plagiarized?  Sure.  So last summer Bookkus publishing set me up for book sales at Chapters Indigo stores in

FIREFIGHTER #2 Novel almost ready

OLD FLAMES firefighter #2 novel proof is almost ready.  The proof has arrived.  I have to comb through this for errors and send it back to Bookkus Publishing   It never ceases to amaze me after many, many edits and checks, a book will still have minor errors.  So far the major error in this copy is the font size which

Truth in Advertising

It’s not often you get a product that states exactly what you’re getting.  Truth in advertising can be an oxymoron.  Like those great oxygen bubbles that turn up in cleaning products.  It probably plain old air.  Anyhow my eye caught some truth in advertising when I walked into the Bulk Barn.  Two things come together again like magic. Okay, so

No More School Readings or Chapters/Indigo

No more school readings or Chapters Indigo signings. After several school readings of my young reader stories, I have decided that teachers, although eager to bring in a writer, ultimately do not appreciate it. I take time to prepare, try to make my presentation entertaining, and do not charge any fee.  The teacher buys one copy (photocopies it) and shares

Old Flames will be back

Bookkus Publishing tells me Old Flames will be back as an eBook and a paperback later this spring.  It’s quite different from Final Response as it has a hot romance with high school  sweethearts igniting the flame again.  Bookkus tells me it’s their favorite.  I released Old Flames only as an an eBook two years ago and received some fine

Go NOMAD travel article

So in my last post I got pissed off at the state of travel articles and went on a tear submitting my bull fighting experience in Lisbon around to a few places.  And I got a bite.  The original 749 word article hit the right chord and the editor told me to bump it up to 1200 words for a

Travel Writing Bullshit

Travel Writing Bullshit Major newspapers these days are quickly losing their relevance to the internet.  Notably are the travel sections.  I’ve had a few travel articles published in newspapers and a few more on websites. News papers are tough nuts to crack.  Here’s what an Edmonton Journal newspaper editor said:  In fact, the Postmedia policy is that any freelancer who

Terrible but tasty fish

I was walking past the deli in Funchal, Madeira Island and–WTH is that?  It’s the espada or black scabbard fish.specific to Portugal’s Madiera Island. Thank heavens it tastes better than it looks. Terrible but tasty fish.  It makes for a tasty sandwich but you have to close your eyes before you bring it up to your face,