The curtain closes on Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Well, my 5 weeks in Zihuatanejo, Mexico are almost over and as the curtain closes I managed to give out a few bookmarks on the beach when people were talking, trading, or asking about books.  Thanks Debbie C.  I’m trying to get in touch with K. Baker.  Thanks Laura too, we all had an interesting conversation under umbrellas on the

BREAKAWAY synopsis

s 28 and 29 are The first draft of Breakaway is nearly done.  Chapters 28 and 29 are with my writers group.  One chapter remains. GERRY’S WAR will be available in late spring.  Check out the BREAKAWAY synopsis: Breakaway synopsis:Life in Mexico’s beautiful Mayan Riviera was never meant to be such a dangerous place for Aaron Landers, ex-pat Canadian.  He

Christmas Gift Book Sale

Rent a vendor table at a Xmas gift sale, set up a  pleasing display , and voila all the firefighter books sold.  Beaumont and Millet gift book sale was a success.  Must order more of OLD FLAMES and FINAL RESPONSE for next year.  I think maybe get a box of 24,  eight of each and then another 8 when GERRY’S

Final Response review

Just one of the 4-5 star reviews for FINAL RESPONSE. This book was far more interesting than I first thought it would be, the writing was well done, first person narrative, and moved along briskly. There was enough explanation of motive to make the character understandable and sympathetic. The tale, a futuristic Armageddon of natural causes believable with only a

Christmas Book Marketing

Last year, the library in Beaumont graciously held a local author night with several other authors from another county also there.  The night was a big disappointment as maybe twenty people showed up.  I managed to sell a few books.  At least the display tables were free.  So next Saturday, the 5th of November, I managed to get a vendor

Italy fun stuff.

My daughter’s wedding in Gargonza Castle in Tuscany was the ultimate 3 day celebration.  Then a tour of Venice, Florence, Pisa, Carrara marble quarry, and a swim in the warm Ligurian Sea topped it off.  Along the way were a few interesting images of Italy fun stuff.  As a writer I dig these goofy things.  I mean we have gluten-free-sugar-free,

Venice, Italy 911

  When the roads are non-existent you do what you got to do.  “We don’t need no stinkin’ intersections.”

My Daughter’s Italian Castle Wedding and more

My Daughter’s Italian Castle Wedding and more took place a week ago or so at Gargonza Castle in Tuscany.  What a wedding!  Plenty of fun and my beautiful daughter finally married Steve.  Along the way I visited Pisa, Florence, Carrara, and Venice.  The food and vino are absolutely great in Italy.  Trains run on time and the water in the

Firefighter Novel – OLD FLAMES

My second firefighter novel OLD FLAMES is now available in paperback at Amazon   It was first an eBook a few years ago which made it the 1st firefighter novel in Canada, and then Bookkus Publishing took it on.  It has firefighting, hot romance, obsession, investigation, and arson. It also has some pretty tough women who are aiming to cause plenty

Friesen Press – thumbs down for editing

Okay, so you want to find a publisher for your book and Friesen Press looks good.  They do it all for you–for a price.   The books look good on the outside but the inside… Their ‘professional’ editing fees are $1.50 for 100 words so depending on your word count you are looking at quite an expense just to begin

Canada Day weekend

Canada Day weekend was full: Lacombe Farmer’s Market book sale/signing – Aspen Beach swimming and camping – Ponoka Stampede with imminent tornado, chuckwagon races, and Dallas Smith concert.  Came home to the Whyte Ave. Blues Block Party.