Tentative Juvenile eBook Cover

I decided to try my hand at a book cover for a new juvenile eBook release The Far Bank.  Ta Da!  I took a photo of the graphic on an old sweatshirt my mom bought for me years ago.

Voodoo Boy – finito

I did it.  Voodoo Boy has 10 chapters and the2nd draft is finished.  My writers group will get it in the new year. Evens, a Haitian boy, knows who poisoned Scraps, his dog, . He vows to get even. Unfortunately, the only way is through the school bully who secretly kills neighborhood cats. Controlling the big fella won’t be easy,

Chicago Fire – new TV drama – my rant

Oct. 28/2012 Chicago Fire, the new drama on TV, seen it?  Don’t.  I really don’t think there are any fire service consultants on the set.  Most Canadian fire services adopted the Command and Control structure from Americans. CF has no command structure (search & rescue, ventilation, recon, etc.) at emergencies that I can see, except a white-shirted chief does show

Bookus Publishing for readers

Bookus Publishing has selected their big short story winner and has another smaller one going.  They’re also giving out monthly prizes to top readers/reviewers of their novel submissions.  If you like reading, this is the site for you.  They’ll take the highest rated and move it forward for publishing and marketing.  So far I’ve garnered 2 – 3 stars and

Donnan Elem. school reading Oct. 4th

91 kids gr. 5.  I handed out bookmarks with my juvie story cover pix and asked which one looked most interesting.  RANSOM cover drew most interest.  I was amazed @  how many students had eReaders in the form of iPads.  Even though my juvies don’t have magic, or talking creatures, etc. the kids responded well and found them exciting all

New novel submitted

I uploaded Final Response to Bookkus Publishing today and hope its synopsis is exciting enough to get downloaded and reviewed by their readers.  My writers group really likes it and so do I, as I think it’s one of my best works.  Unfortunately, after this one I can’t think of another firefighter based novel to write.  It may be my

More success

Just got a check from Edmonton Senior’s magazine (50+) for a travel article.  It was strange, as I never received acknowledgement of the submission and two months later a friend in my writers group told it appeared in the magazine.  I called up the editor and he said he thought he contacted me about it.  Anyhow, I got paid. Also

Summertime writing

It’s difficult to write a lot when the weather is so good; however I have managed to write chapter 6 of VooDoo Boy and I am really liking it.  Using phoney voodoo to bully a bully is going to work out well.  I’m managing to write two or three page, small scenes, when I can.  I think Bookus Publishing will

Bookkus Publishing tryout

I’ve decided to place my 3rd firefighter eBook with Bookkus for two good reasons: I hate marketing and they don’t require any initial outlay.  They will take 50% of my take from eBook retailers.  When it comes to internet marketing I am not a savvy guy.  They claim they will go hard at internet marketing.  This will begin in Sept.