Firefighter paperbacks are unavailable until April

They’re available on Kindle now and will be on the rest of eBook sites very soon.  My publisher Bookkus had called it quits and returned all my rights so I have to resubmit my 3 books onto Amazon for printing.  However TEETH OF THE COCODRILO is available in all formats.  My next step is to wait and see what Langton’s

Lunch Bucket Road lives! Wellanders who know it!

I posted Lunch Bucket Road comments about my award winning short story on two Welland, Ontario Face Book sites and received a huge response.  Many of them played along the path, or used it to go to school or work.  And here I thought no one was still around that town who took it, even remembered it.  So funny that

I won! Yahoo!

Yahoo!  I won the John Bilsland Literary Award for non-fiction at the gala! The money was wonderful and a validation of my writing. I never knew I could write literary stuff.  The judges were very impressed with my short story Lunch Bucket Road which you can read on this site under Quick Reads.

John Bilsland Literary Award finalist

I just discovered I’m short listed for the John Bilsland Literary Award for my short story Lunch Bucket Road, an ode of sorts to the factory workers who trudged to work each day in my Welland, Ontario hometown.  The John Bilsland Literary Award page can be found on by clicking on here.  I am one of five finalists in the


TEETH OF THE COCODRILO will be unveiled at Jef’s Cafe in Beaumont on Sept. 23  11-2 pm. Beaumont’s crime writer announces his latest release When things go bad for a Canadian and a shady Mexican cop they go very bad.  Their small scam in Cancun begins to grow out of control, gaining a life of its own.  Murder, romance, revenge,

3rd firefighter novel- GERRY’S WAR book launch

I’ll be at the Seba Beach Farmer’s Market for the launch and signing of GERRY’S WAR my 3rd firefighter novel. Saturday Aug. 5th 10:30am – 12:30pm Seba Beach is a small summer community on the west side of Lake Wabamun. It has a great farmer’s market and the people their like to read.  Gloria and I will pack a picnic

New Novel – GERRY’S WAR

My new novel, GERRY’S WAR has arrived.  If you liked OLD FLAMES well, Captain Ormond is back.  He was pensioned out of Vancouver Fire amid controversy of all the murders and mayhem.  He’s offered a chief’s job in Niagara Falls where things are NOT what they appear.  Many of the same characters are here, but the story is quite different. 

Gerry’s War

  Just got the proof copy for Gerry’s War and it looks really good.  My oldest son Joel designed the cover and my youngest tweaked it. It is my 3rd firefighter novel.  There’s two blank pages before chapters that have to be adjusted by the printer.  I have a book launch at Seba Beach Farmers Market in August on the

UK Amazon Storyteller Competition – Teeth of the Cocodrilo

I did it!   It was a rush to meet the UK Amazon Storyteller Competition 2017 deadline but I did it.  I also asked a few people to read it in its entirety as my writers group only sees a chapter a month.  Presently, TEETH OF THE COCODRILO is only available in eBook until after the judges pick a winner. 

New Novel is Finished

My new novel is finished.   TEETH OF THE COCODRILLO. Toasting myself with a glass of red. It’s out with one test reader, who is not with my writers group, and hopefully I’ll have another.  Cocodrillo is Spanish for crocodile.  It is 98, 000 words and will be entered in the Amazon UK competition for 20,000 pounds!    I really enjoyed writing

Gerry’s War is almost ready

My 3rd Canadian firefighter novel GERRY’S WAR is almost ready.  It’s at the publisher’s getting a final read and edit.  I figure  it should be available in eformat and paperback by the end of April. On the near horizon: My 4th adult thriller will be 32 chapters I think.  Chapter 30 is submitted to my writers group and I have