Lunch Bucket Road lives! Wellanders who know it!

I posted Lunch Bucket Road comments about my award winning short story on two Welland, Ontario Face Book sites and received a huge response.  Many of them played along the path, or used it to go to school or work.  And here I thought no one was still around that town who took it, even remembered it.  So funny that someone even remembered Shack the mean old crossing guard!

Comments from those who know it:  Wellanders  Wellandites  Wellandese

Dan Marshall: ‘ I worked with his dad Andy in the 16 inch mill at the Page Hersey. Sat at that fence myself having lunch delivered from the Blue Star across the street.’

Sharon Goodfield Congratulations. I just finished reading Lunch Box Road. My Dad worked in the galvanize department for years. He came home dirty all the time. I just loved your story. It had a lot of memories of my Dad.

Kathy Moccio I remember the path well, walked it every day to Sts. Peters and Paul.