UK Amazon Storyteller Competition – Teeth of the Cocodrilo

I did it!


It was a rush to meet the UK Amazon Storyteller Competition 2017 deadline but I did it.  I also asked a few people to read it in its entirety as my writers group only sees a chapter a month.  Presently, TEETH OF THE COCODRILO is only available in eBook until after the judges pick a winner.  Its 101,700 words and set in Mexico.  I was rushed bec

ause I didn’t find out about the contest until the end of April so I was scrambling.  Then, I wasn’t sure if it was accepted as the entries were posted on the site.  I found out a book also has to be published so

I went and did that.  Still no sign of it.  I went to a chat site and found out Amazon hadn’t updated their site for a few days.  Anyhow,  a paperback will be out in September after the contest closes.  But the eBook is available now.    The story has romance murder and revenge.  The protagonist is an ex-firefighter.  And I am the storyteller.