Gerry’s War is almost ready

My 3rd Canadian firefighter novel GERRY’S WAR is almost ready.  It’s at the publisher’s getting a final read and edit.  I figure  it should be available in eformat and paperback by the end of April.

On the near horizon:

My 4th adult thriller will be 32 chapters I think.  Chapter 30 is submitted to my writers group and I have to write the final chapter this month.  Tentatively named TEETH OF THE COCODRILLOS

Teeth of the Cocodrillos

it’s set in Cancun, Mexico.  Murder and mayhem and an ex-firefighter as the protagonist.  I am looking for test readers to give me some overall feedback on this story.  If you’re interested, let me know.  Not sure if Bookkus publishing would publish this one but it will be going on their site for reviews anyhow.  I will submit it to other publishers, too.   It’s a bit different than the first three, but a firefighter is still the primary focus. Why not, they are men of action?  So we got action, hot romance, Mexican cops, exotic location, murder and mayhem.  I took the pic of the cocodrillo in Mexico at a reserve.  Check out the brave turtle.