The curtain closes on Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Well, my 5 weeks in Zihuatanejo, Mexico are almost over and as the curtain closes I managed to give out a few bookmarks on the beach when people were talking, trading, or asking about books.  Thanks Debbie C.  I’m trying to get in touch with K. Baker.  Thanks Laura too, we all had an interesting conversation

Guerrero State police

under umbrellas on the beach.  There was shooting down the block from my condo but my wife and I were gone.  We returned to see a motorbike on its side on the road and a police barricade and someone was taken to the hospital.l.  So you fellas ridin’ those Harleys with the big pipes….take note.  LOL   Been trying to get some decent shots of the local cops and really don’t want to excite them, so I have to be secretive.  It’s for the cover of my Mexican thriller in 1st draft.


Constant patrols