BREAKAWAY synopsis

s 28 and 29 are

The first draft of Breakaway is nearly done.  Chapters 28 and 29 are with my writers group.  One chapter remains. GERRY’S WAR will be available in late spring.  Check out the BREAKAWAY synopsis:

Breakaway synopsis:Life in Mexico’s beautiful Mayan Riviera was never meant to be such a dangerous place for Aaron Landers, ex-pat Canadian.  He is busy growing his dive tour business near Cancun.  His rescue of two boys at a car accident leads him to a fateful encounter with Commandant Luis Gutierrez, the head of the Mexican state police.  The two men chance upon an opportunity for easy money with Richard Breve, an oil consultant.  The die is cast, escalating to another more lucrative crime involving the alluring Maria Vasquez.  Aaron’s obsession with Maria blinds him to her sordid past with Luis and her vengeful, estranged husband, Hernando.  The highly risky scheme has far reaching consequences that will rip their lives apart.  Bound together by murder, love, and hate, Aaron must find a way to break away–at any cost.

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