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Month: November 2016 Christmas Gift Book Sale

Rent a vendor table at a Xmas gift sale, set up a  pleasing display , and voila all the firefighter books sold.  Beaumont and Millet gift book sale was a success.  Must order more of OLD FLAMES and FINAL RESPONSE for next year.  I think maybe get a box of 24,  eight of each and then another 8 when GERRY’S

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Month: November 2016 Final Response review

Just one of the 4-5 star reviews for FINAL RESPONSE. This book was far more interesting than I first thought it would be, the writing was well done, first person narrative, and moved along briskly. There was enough explanation of motive to make the character understandable and sympathetic. The tale, a futuristic Armageddon of natural causes believable with only a

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