Monthly Archives: October 2016

Month: October 2016 Christmas Book Marketing

Last year, the library in Beaumont graciously held a local author night with several other authors from another county also there.  The night was a big disappointment as maybe twenty people showed up.  I managed to sell a few books.  At least the display tables were free.  So next Saturday, the 5th of November, I managed to get a vendor

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Month: October 2016 Italy fun stuff.

My daughter’s wedding in Gargonza Castle in Tuscany was the ultimate 3 day celebration.  Then a tour of Venice, Florence, Pisa, Carrara marble quarry, and a swim in the warm Ligurian Sea topped it off.  Along the way were a few interesting images of Italy fun stuff.  As a writer I dig these goofy things.  I mean we have gluten-free-sugar-free,

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