Monthly Archives: June 2016

Month: June 2016 Leduc Book Club

I was invited to the Leduc Book Club nite and discussed FINAL RESPONSE.  They all liked it but a few wanted more from the ending, telling me a sequel was needed. I talked about the characters and that a few were taken from my career. The big man, Ben, was actually blended of two men I used to work with. 

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Month: June 2016 Seba Beach and Alberta Beach Farmer’s Markets

It was a hot weekend and the lake was just lovely.  Seba Beach and Alberta Beach Farmer’s Markets were busy and I sold as many books as I did in two days at Chapters Indigo stores.   Weird.   Fresh veggies bring out the crowds.  We camped at the RV park beside the lake and also went to see a 50 member

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Month: June 2016 Book marketing @ Farmer’s Markets

My book marketing is poor.  My new story WOLVES OF CANCUN is on up to the 5th chapter.  I’m not sure if I’ll continue with it as only 12 people have read it and no one has commented.   Could it get plagiarized?  Sure.  So last summer Bookkus publishing set me up for book sales at Chapters Indigo stores in

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