FINAL RESPONSE 4 Star – firefighter thriller

FINAL RESPONSE 4 star rating – firefighter thriller.  Yes, it is doing well in the early going.  Pretty darn good.  I’m pleased people like it.  I enjoyed writing it and really only expected 3 stars which is a ‘like’.  I am the first Canadian firefighter to write firefighter fiction in Canada.    FINAL RESPONSE does make the grade for the thriller category.  Bookkus, the publisher hasn’t been able to come up with any book launch sites as yet, but it is still early.  Two more firefighter books will follow via Bookkus Publishing.  Stay tuned for the next one which will be OLD FLAMES, a sample of it on this site.

Firefighter thrillers are virtually non-existent.   You can get it in paperback or eformat at Amazon.

4 star means a good read, unless it’s out of 10 stars.  LOL   So keep reading and reviewing and comment on his site as well.  Remember, you are getting sleepy….sleepy…FINAL RESPONSE  4star rating…firefighter thriller…buy…read…buy…read……


This is a tentative cover rejected by the publisher.

F R Cover B