Welland, Ontario fiction?

Four of my juvenile/MG stories Archie’s Gold, Ransom, Out On A Limb, and The Far Bank are set in Welland, Ontario.  Welland, Ontario fiction? It does exist.  I wrote them based on the quirky characters and all the ups and downs of life there when I was growing up.  A good buddy of mine can vouch for all of it and he’s actually in The Far Bank.   If you’ve ever swam the Welland Canal, hung out on King Street, remember shoe shine boys, or were picked on these are the stories to read.

Welland was a rough blue collar town where growing up, one had to have a certain toughness.  The King Streeters and Barge Boys were particularly quirky and actually quite courageous.  Fights in those days were plentiful and tough guys roamed up and down summer nights along King. Jukeboxes played loud and carried out to the street.