Heys Luggage Issue

This is off my usual post.  The Heys luggage issue I have really angered me and I sent them a letter. Don’t buy Heys suitcase because it has a defective substandard wheel.  The luggage wheel issue is the wheel that shredded on my last trip, only it’s second usage.  A Heys suitcase wheel is not covered under warranty.  They find plenty of excuses not to honor their 5 year warranty.  This is the letter I sent them after they said no to my shredded wheel.  

Well, took my suitcase into Edmonton Luggage for a 5 year warranty claim and was very disappointed the crappy wheel that blew out during my travels is not covered.
Reason #1: The two wheels cannot support the weight if it’s tilted.
My rebuttal: You are manufacturing substandard wheels. Two wheel should be able handle weight when the luggage is tilted for any reason. Obviously they can’t. Heys claims the four wheels should be able to go over uneven terrain as it states on the brochure received with the purchase.

Reason #2 a piece of something, maybe gravel, got into the wheel and chewed it up.
My rebuttal: You claim you make the wheels for rough terrain where sometimes there are gravel bits. How could this bit even get in there? Your manufacturing flaw here is obvious. I was not warned to stay on airport terminal tile. Sometimes one must use a sidewalk to get a cab or walk to a nearby hotel.

Reason #3 This Heys suitcase was made specifically for being pulled on all four wheels, not two.
My rebuttal: Most of the time it was on four wheels. There was nothing on the brochure explaining this. Your luggage should work as a wheeled piece of luggage should while encountering various situations that luggage has and always will.

Reason #4 Too much weight on wheel, not distributed evenly.
My rebuttal: I was never told how much weight one wheel, or the entire suitcase, can handle. I don’t have any elaborate weighing device telling me too much underwear is piled in the corner. The gold bricks, well….
It seems there are all sorts of reasons you can dream up that will justify your case of not repairing my suitcase. I didn’t hang around to listen to any others as I was angry. I spent a lot more on cab fare because of this, when I should have been walking.
I’m stuck with a crippled suitcase that must now support weight on three wheels because:
I didn’t use the missing secret decoder for the hidden instructions on proper handling measures for four-wheeled luggage.
I didn’t sweep the walk in front of me incase for fear some bit of gravel would render this suitcase useless.
I neglected to weigh each article of clothing for even distribution.
It’s just my bad luck I bought Heys.
Ding! All of the above.
After being told my suitcase was not covered I took the liberty of bad-mouthing your product in the store to several potential customers. This gave me great satisfaction. The Bay where I purchasedHeys Delta-wide body  (5) your product is in a shopping area I frequent so I will return. I will find other effective ways to do so unless you kindly decide to buck up and admit the wheel that blew on me is deficient.

So just say, “Hey, don’t buy a Heys.”