Kobo eReader problems?

If you have any Kobo eReader problems, don’t despair.  My wife was downloading an eBook from Kobo when the link broke due to a poor WiFi connection.  Trying to get a re-download has been like getting the Pope to swear.  After 5 emails, and Kobo’s ‘help’ just not getting it, she finally received a phone number and we’ll have to get in touch with them when we’re near a better signal.  I’ve had issues with Kindle that were solved as soon as I called them.

Since Kobo’s help section didn’t address the issue I did some investigating and  discovered the company has a ton of problems with many of them on Goodreads site which is a bad thing for Kobo as Goodreads has a huge audience.

Anyhow, my son’s friend works at Kobo’s design dept. in Toronto and when I told my son about how bad Kobo was with their customer service he somehow garnered info and sent me an email regarding Click 2 Call a new service that will hopefully address many issues quicker, because they’ve got a ton.  It will be on their website March 20th. With luck Kobo eReader problems should disappear LOL.  Below is all the info I have.

In our ongoing effort to improve our Customer Experience, we are pleased to
announce the introduction of the next phase of our customer contact
strategy: Click 2 Call.
Kobo Customer Care will introduce this new approach starting with our
customers in English markets, then expanding to include all our supported
languages. We will begin with North America on March 20th, 2014 . Here’s how
it works:
1. Customers reaching our *”Get Help”* section that select *”Contact
Customer Care” will…*

2. Fill out the web form ( http://kobo.frontlinesvc.com/app/ask ) with
their contact information and a description of their issue

3. By clicking “*Phone,*” a “Click 2 Call” box will open, asking the

customer to provide the telephone number they wish to be reached on and the
call will be immediately queued with the next available representative

We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our customers.
By arming our Care representatives with the right tools, we can reduce the
impact of technical interruptions and allow customers to read more.

Our customer experience will improve by:

Reducing call times: The agent will have all the customer’s information
on hand and will not need to spend valuable time collecting it

Reduced hold time: The agent will be able to investigate and
troubleshoot the issue prior to calling the customer

Convenience: The customer will be contacted with a solution