New Year Goals

For 2014 my new year goals are do-able, I think.  I am taking on the job of editor for Bookkus with another person–a tag team.  I do the technical stuff and she does the story and structure.  I found a new editing program online that will save me tons of time.  I’ll be putting my Voodoo Bully middle grade story through it and see what happens.  It looks promising. I’ll review it soon for you.

Voodoo Bully I think will go on the Bookkus site for reader reviews, so I can gauge response.  Final Response should be available in March or April along with a book launch in Edmonton and a press release.  I’ll be speaking with an Indigo Bookstore this month about it.

Archie’s Gold is now in paperback and I’ll do a freebie copy contest at the Beaumont library.  I plan on putting The Far Bank into paperback later this year, too.

Madhouse in The Firehouse should be written and run through my writers group by the end of the year.

I do believe all the above should keep me busy, along with life in general.