Best Writer’s Editing Tool – AutoCrit Wizard

The best writer’s editing tool is here.  Easy editing all the way.  It’s a better mousetrap.  It’s the future, and the future is AutoCrit.  Wait, wait, don’t click the banner just yet; let me explain.  I’m not the best editor, and I’ll’ admit it.  There are just too many editing issues in a 100,000 word manuscript to catch every single one.  Few people are very good editors.  Those people are at the big publishing houses.  I’m a writer first and an editor by default.  I do some editing on the side and also manage a writers group.  When I see a poorly edited piece, I think ‘amateur’ or ‘lazy’.  When I read a piece, I want to breeze through without getting annoyed by speed bumps, or have to search back a few pages because something’s not right.

The problem with editing is editing itself.  There’s no escape; the work in writing is editing, searching for the myriad of issues in a manuscript.  I’ve resigned myself to the tedium, eyestrain, and boredom.  A messed up manuscript turns off prospective buyers and readers.  I’ve read stuff from new authors that might be pretty good stories, but slogging through the mud wore me down.  When the first pages of a manuscript are seen, you have to make a great impression; a well-edited and structured piece of work.  

The best writer’s editing tool is AutoCrit.  It’s all about being quick, effective, and reasonably priced.  The AutoCrit editing tool is wizard.  Short of hiring someone to do the heavy lifting, this is the one essential tool all writers should have.  I stumbled upon this site and used their Free Wizard by pasting in a 500 word sample.  Wow, impressive and fast.  How fast?  After buying a subscription, I pasted in 100,000 words and each analysis was done in seconds.  It’s actually a fine-tuned, elaborate search mechanism tailored to writers.  It performs up to 11 functions: sentence variation to homonyms to overused words to clichés.  Problem areas are highlighted in color or underlined, and suggestion are made.  It will even congratulate you.  I love it.

The best part about the writers editing tool (I have the professional subscription), is that I can insert my particular words and phrases and it will include them in the analysis.  That’s not all.  Each report can be emailed to you.  On the upside, this program has saved me tons of time and made my work far more presentable.  On the down side, it showed how basic my editing was.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.