Great Juvenile / MG Novel Now In Paperback

Archie’s Gold, my great juvenile / middle grade novel is now in paper back available at Amazon,  Barnes & Noble/Borders, and Indigo BooksTundra Books wanted this story 4 or 5 years ago but dropped it from publication as they cut their fiction list.  You can read a sample there or stay on this site for it.  I believe the story is great because of several things: dialogue, reality, grit, suspense, and oddball characters.  All the characters are, or were, real people from my growing up in Welland, Ontario.

Archie is a shoeshine boy who works in front of a hotel in the 60’s when most people still wore leather shoes.  A publisher told me that kids don’t want to read about kid who does some outdated job. Shoeshiners exist at airports but they’re usually men.  Kids still shine shoes in Mexico and the Caribbean.  There’s plenty of historical fiction available with kids doing all sorts of jobs in mines, stables, street sweeping, on ships, etc.

Archie’s Gold is a suspense/mystery with universal appeal.  Archie only wants to be reunited with his estranged father. He’s a tough street kid hiding a heart of gold.

I plan on getting them all into paperback next year.