Top Three Firefighter Gift Ideas for Christmas

If you plan on getting a Christmas gift for a firefighter check out a few firefighter gift ideas.  My favorites.

First of all an Amazon gift certificate for my firefighter eBooks.  All three will be available in paperback by mid-January, too.

Leading off the top three firefighter gift ideas is one of the best things I had on the job.  A small flat container of Vicks Vaporub.  At times in my career I could have made a good buck selling dabs of this during med calls where nasty Vicks Vaporub Ointment - 100 Gmsmells are common.  When you’re the only person in the room among firefighters and EMTs with some Vicks up your nose, you are a very lucky, not to mention, popular person.  A little dab will do ya.  It saved me from upchucking many times.  I picked up the container years ago on the counter at a corner store but haven’t seen the container for some time.  You can fill any fancy container with it as long as it’s flat to sit in a chest pocket without taking up much room.  Tiger Balm does the trick, too, and it’s already in a small container.

Another great firefighter gift idea is a pair of strong, rip-proof gloves, the kind electricians use to resist tears from cut wire ends.  The palm, including fingers, should have an extra layer while the rest should be flexible;not much more than leather dress gloves, only snugger.  Some departments provide gloves but they’re usually substandard: too bulky, too thin, rip and tear too easily.  Volunteer firefighters are always looking for good equipment.  The gloves don’t have to be cold weather proof as they’re for working the Jaws and other extrication tools at vehicle wrecks, alarm panels, etc. not for firefighting.  It’s usually hit or miss whether the gloves will hold up to the tasks, but your chances are better if you lay down more coin for them.

What about a good, bright headband light?  A hands-free LED light will last long on battery life.  Ensure the head strap  is adjustable enough to fit around a helmet, a toque, or the bare head.  A firefighter needs this because departments issue hand lamps but they have to be held. Hands free is needed for working on alarm panels, writing down info and searching for registration papers at vehicle accidents, accountability sheets at scenes, etc.  Again, spend some coin.  Cheap lights can’t take getting banged around.

I really used to hate it when people said ‘Happy Holidays’.  Firefighters don’t often get the period off.  For 32 years I bet my shifts encroached 75% of the time somewhere on the three day Xmas period.  Really, who does get the entire week off, anyhow?