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Month: November 2013 The Spark – another Canadian firefighter novel

Firefighters rejoice.  There are now officially two Canadian firefighters writing novels featuring a Canadian firefighter.  John Kenney has written The Spark and I just finished reading it. I liked it and reviewed it on Amazon.  His portrayal of fire station routine is second to none.  I slipped back into station life reading this one.  It’s a suspense centered around one

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Month: November 2013 Final Response gets the nod.

My 3rd firefighter story Final Response has done well according to the reader/reviewers @ Bookkus Publishing.  They’ve decided to take it on and will market it.  My marketing is non-existing so anything they can do will be great.  They’ve also decided to expand their scope and take on Old Flames and Gerry’s War, but not with their Community Powered, Community

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Month: November 2013 My Bad Grandpa

The Movie Bad Grandpa has got nothin’ on my grandpa That guy in the movie Bad Grandpa has got nothin’ on mine.  My mom called him Mean George.  He was a rum runner and no family man.  I also posted the story on this site on the Quick Reads tab.

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