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Month: October 2013 First Drafts and Lazy Writers – a Rant.

First drafts and lazy writers go hand in hand.  If you want to be a writer do the basic work!  I’ve read the first ten manuscripts sent to me by Bookkus publishing.  William is too busy to vet them so I’ve agreed to help him out, read them, and pass my comments onto him.  I suppose I’m a gatekeeper of

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Month: October 2013 My Elmore Leonard tribute posted on Bookkaholic

Thought I’d throw together a tribute of sorts to one of my favorite authors Elmore Leonard.  Bookkaholic liked it and posted it.  If you’re looking for a great read pick up his earlier work.  With Mr. Leonard’s books you can safely sit on the sidelines and watch the under belly of society fight it out.

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