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Month: June 2013 Yahoo! for Final Response

Final Response, my 3rd firefighter novel, has been at for a while now and has managed to get 14 reviews.  It’s closed now for discussion to see what it needs and/or goes to publishing.   It’s garnered a solid 4 star rating.  I’ll know in a few weeks whether or not it makes the cut.  It should.

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Month: June 2013 Zombies: Fact or Fiction Are they Among us?

Okay, I do like the ‘Walking Dead’ TV series.  I don’t read Zombie books.  I don’t care about Zombies.  But from what I saw, maybe I should.  I was just at Slave Lake, Alberta catching the tastiest freshwater fish in the world: walleye/pickerel.   So I’m walking through the campsite and “Whoah!”  I see it.  Now I’m not so sure

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