Monthly Archives: February 2013

Month: February 2013 News from Mexico – La mordida

I’ve been down here in Playa del Carmen with Gloria for three weeks now and have a few more to go.  So we rent a car and blast around and we pick up an American amigo, Chris, who just bought a unit at our condo complex.  We go to the big Pelican supermarket and pick up groceries and beer and

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Month: February 2013 Great news from Bookkus!

Final Response, my 3rd firefighter eBook has made it to the 2nd stage at Bookkus Publishing.  I’d like to thank the reviewers who took time out to read the 3 sample chapters. My rating ended up  as a 4 star.  Now the entire manuscript will be read and deemed worthy.  I think people are hooked now and I believe my

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