Monthly Archives: November 2012

Month: November 2012 Asteroid collision coming in Feb. 2013?

I’m looking forward to seeing this as it’ll only be 6,000 kms. away.  Better download some eBooks, pour a libation, head out in the hot tub, and kiss your ass goodbye.   No Mayans on this rock.    

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Month: November 2012 Tentative Juvenile eBook Cover

I decided to try my hand at a book cover for a new juvenile eBook release The Far Bank.  Ta Da!  I took a photo of the graphic on an old sweatshirt my mom bought for me years ago.

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Month: November 2012 Voodoo Boy – finito

I did it.  Voodoo Boy has 10 chapters and the2nd draft is finished.  My writers group will get it in the new year. Evens, a Haitian boy, knows who poisoned Scraps, his dog, . He vows to get even. Unfortunately, the only way is through the school bully who secretly kills neighborhood cats. Controlling the big fella won’t be easy,

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