Summertime writing

It’s difficult to write a lot when the weather is so good; however I have managed to write chapter 6 of VooDoo Boy and I am really liking it.  Using phoney voodoo to bully a bully is going to work out well.  I’m managing to write two or three page, small scenes, when I can.  I think Bookus Publishing will get this one, too.  The ETA is late fall and then I have to run it through my writers group.  I’ve posted the 1st chapter on this site @ In The Works.  As for The Blob…In My Shoes, chapter 8 of 14 is at my writers group being torn apart.

Since the area here has had some intense thunderstorms with real downpours, the river is still high and muddy. Combine that with the mountain snow  melt and swimming in the river is very cool.  I’m hoping to get in the boat there during August.  I am getting some reading done: Three Stations, Hunger Games, Iron River, and now The Reversal.  My youngest son, William, is getting married in August to his Korean sweetheart Yeong Sil.  She and her family arrive today so Gloria and I will be busy entertaining.