Keep on Keepin’ On

Currently, I’m into editing The Blob…In My Shoes(juvenile) as is my writer’s group.  They’re on Chapter 4.  Originally this story was entitled Eldon’s Shoes and it went through at least 10 ten drafts.  Lobster Press said it would be better if I changed the perspective to 1st person.  This is not as easy as it sounds. They still didn’t like it, but I thought it read better.  Can’t please all the people all the time, so please yourself, right?  I went through it another 5 times and submitted it to Amazon Breakthrough Novel competition.  It made the semi-finals.  So it’ll be the next juvenile out.  I also finished chapter 4 of VooDoo Boy another juvenile which I’m really liking.  Final Response  a firefighter novel is waiting for cover art and I’m hoping for a July release.   I’m throwing around writing a classic children’s story, updating it, like Return To Oz  This will  be a closely guarded secret as fairy tales are being made at a very quick pace.  Hopefully, my idea won’t be scooped.