.99 cent juvenile/middle grade book promo

It’s here and at a very attractive price.  If you or your kids likes reading page-turning romps Out On A Limb is for you.  And the price!  Such a deal.  I put my two mischievous boys from Ransom, Big Bill and Squirt up against Egghead, the mean old man who hates  kids and kills neighborhood cats.   These boys have no magic wands, have no rapport with wise creatures, and have no futuristic weapons.  Best of all it’s a contemporary story set right here on planet earth.  From what I’ve seen on bookshelves this may sound old-fashioned and boring – not.  Go to Smashwords and Kindle, download a sample, and check it out.  Check out the synopsis under the Children’s Books tab  above.  Maybe next time I can get Big Bill and Squirt to face-off against Godzilla or Zombies…….no, then they’d need weapons and stuff, and things would probably get ridiculous, over the top.

If you’re interested, Kitty Bullard of Great Minds Think Aloud posted her online interview of yours truly

I expect this eBook to be at the other eBook sites in the near future.